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  1. Lunch cruise. So we'll see you there then?
  2. Why not both?
  3. Thanks Martin, was trying to do it via the app on my phone
  4. Hey guys, SAU VIC Burger cruise this Saturday. Details :
  5. It's been a while since our last cruise, and who doesn't love a good burger.... so why not combine the two?! We are having a members cruise to the Tradies & Ladies cafe in Upper Beaconsfield to experience Sally's Big Ass Burgers. Mmmmm burgers!!! Perhaps one of you will be the one to conquer Sally's Big Ass Burger challenge?! As this is a CAMS insured event, all drivers must be financial club members. Never fear though, if you're not a financial member you can join in for the day for a gold coin donation which will be donated to charity at the end of the year! Please make sure you have your SAU VIC member cards with you as we will be checking them before supplying maps of the route. WHEN: Saturday 8th July WHERE: Meet in the carpark at The Manhattan Hotel, Cnr Heatherdale & Canterbury Rds, Ringwood - we will be near the shell servo, enter from Canterbury Rd. TIME: 10am for a prompt 10:30am departure - arrive at Sally's around 12:00. WHAT: Cruise through some awesome hilly roads for approximately 1.5 hours to Sally's Big Ass Burgers in Upper Beaconsfield, arriving around 12:00. Cruise and official event ends here, feel free to hang around/head home as you'd like. We will be using UHF's on the day to stay in contact, if you own one please bring it along. We will announce the channel when we hand out maps. PLEASE NOTE: HOONING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!! If you are seen to be breaking the law your registration will be taken and passed on to police.
  6. I use the separate SAU app rather than go through tapatalk
  7. Hi, yes your post was deleted. The events section is for advertising SAU VIC sanctioned events. If you wish to advertise your own events please post in general forum section. In relation to the vivid post, it is still there because we missed it at the time, otherwise it would have been moved/deleted also.
  8. See you there! Don't forget to bring your mates so we have enough volunteers! They'll score a free lunch for their help and get some passenger rides in some cool cars [emoji106]
  9. Oh really? That's cool!
  10. The guy we bought the Cube from had it on car sales for a month, gumtree and eventually 2 auctions on eBay. (He ended the second one early for us to buy it on the spot) apparently he had flogs low balling him all the time, but also people saying they want it and agreeing to a price then never turning up. Import cars regardless need to come with a disclaimer "expect low ballers and flogs"
  11. Another stolen skyline located.....
  12. I can vouch for them with claims now. (Poor Cubey) They have fantastic claims service. Very prompt assessing and generous with repairs. I've got the 14 day hire car option too which was handy & they've refunded for that within 24 hours of me sending them the receipt for hire car. Cubey was un driveable and they'd managed to assess and approve within 8 days, should have it back this week - 3weeks later, though this wasn't their fault, the hold up has been with getting parts, They had approved all new parts however we couldn't afford to be without the car 12 weeks (no new panels in Australia - had to boat from Japan!) so we opted to go for good second hand/reconditioned panels and the panel shop had to find some and get them in.
  13. Bitches be on drugs! $191k for number plates?!?!?!
  14. Not sure on details but the organizers posted a statement on the page saying police presence will be increased and if found with booze you'll be fined and it's now strictly no alcohol. Then ended with "As mentioned above there will be an increased Police presence so if you have any concerns about the legality or Road worthiness of your car please do not come. " EDIT:: after reading the comments apparently some hero was drinking and got asked to stop by security and then tried to fight them [emoji849]
  15. Increased police presence at Saturday Night Live... and not even because of hooning! Fcking alcos ruining it for us!