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  1. What do you people have against a spanner? This seems to be an "amazing" solution to a job that only takes 30 seconds to do in the first place? What is this lazy world coming too...
  2. If you wanna run this day as a birthday I really hope you are loaded and you plan on paying for everyone! I'm in to racing my car more than any thing else in the world, but theres no way i'd be handing over 600 bucks of my hard earned for a day like this... and i certainly wouldn't pay 600 bucks to go to a mates birthday, even if it was racing at the island. Just hire out a house at the island for the weekend, do a normal track day and then get really drunk afterwards Problem sloved... I'm really intriuged by the sudden influx of people jumping on here thinking they can just organise a track day. Its way more expensive and way harder to run/organise than you think. I know you think you understand what it takes to run a day like this, but listen to what people are saying... you don't! but yeah, good on you i spose for giving it ago...
  3. Can you be more specific? You can't drive in reverse for example..
  4. Forgive my ignorance perhaps, but just becuase your laps are being timed doesn't have to put you under pressure... The only thing that would cause anyone at a track day to feel pressured into doing fast times is themselves... If people don't think they can control themself and keep their driving within their own limits, then they probably don't belong behind the wheel of a car, let alone flogging their car on a racetrack. And also like to point out that there is no jostling for postion at a track day, dangerous overtaking manoeuvre's are not allowed and you can only pass cars on the straights. I would imagine that in any case, if you want to drive your car on a track, you will be pushing it hard. if you just want a FUN leisurely drive, just go for a cruise through the hills... If you want to enjoy pushing your car to the limits come to a track day, if the fact that it is timed bothers you, just don't look at the results!! I have been to several winton fun days, I just felt like I was on my normal drive home from work on the freeway! Traffic Everywhere! If anything its much more dangerous as you are mixing people who are traveling at vastly different speeds together on a track. At least on a track day you are grouped with people who should be traveling around at the same speed as you. It is a much more controlled environment. Just some things to think about.
  5. He thinks that you don't need any skill to do a quick time at sandown... just power.. And now he has power and still can't do a quick time, hahaha...
  6. Hey guys Glad that everyone enjoyed the day after the mornings problems. Even though it was a late start it was still better to get everyone out there late than not at all... Any ways here a few of my pics There's a heap more here too http://picasaweb.google.com/mathew.cross/S...feat=directlink Wonder who appeared out of this smoke cloud? Maybe it was the Drag Day Mafia Cheers Crossy
  7. Did you get confused about how to get out of this thread Birds?
  8. I noticed this as well.. Considering the engine in my car when it came out, had 75kw @ the flywheel, 26 years later I'm tipping its making a lot less. With drive train losses I'm putting it at about 30-40rwkw at the moment! My long wang runs couldn't have been any faster, i was driving the pants off it, and yet I'm way down the field. also that first battle was very high-power friendly!! But hey... there is many more-powerful cars below me so I am happy.... Sucks to be you guys ;)
  9. This one looks like I'm running away from being chopped up by that massive wing. It was a great day, although a little chilly! I'm just so wrapped that the new and not-so-improved corona managed to put up with two days of MY abuse, without even hinting of a problem.. All with a motor that cost me $56 off EBay (Those that know me and my luck with cars will know how amazing this is) Thanks to all the volunteers that helped out on the day, we can't do these without you! and thanks to all of you for coming along and having some fun in your cars! Cheers MaT
  10. Keep in mind you don't need to be on the back track to roll your car... Just ask Dave!!
  11. you did too sorry, had forget about that... I've put you on the skidpan in the Arvo for now, we might be able to come up with something else to do. Will just need to chat to the others. Cheers
  12. Come on people let us know if you have mates or partners comming along. We need these spots filled otherwise the day can't go ahead... If we haven't got people on the day to do these jobs, we will be sending everyone home and the event will be canceled. (Without refunds) So if you are driving make sure you get some friends to come along and help out!
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