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  1. Hi guys. Heads up. Give Bundoora VicRoads a wide birth as today I was knocked back. After supplying all the correct and complete paper work was told that because the car was complied in 2002 in Australia club reg was available to me in 2027. I said the car is 25 years old but no. She had spoken with her manager and confirmed this. In my head I'm like FTS. Trust me I know what you thinking. I'm old enough now to know when to shut my mouth. So of to Broadmeadows I go. Guess what. Bingo all good paid and done. If you encounter Andrea from Bundoora just turn around and walk out. Hope this helps some People. By the way she/he had testicles.?
  2. Hi guys. I'm after either buying or loaning with money a series one standard steering wheel please. Doesn't need to be a1 condition or anything. It's for a vehicle inspection. Thanks
  3. I'm going to go with Computer. In my very similar experience I had the exact same issues and was told get a programmable ecu and a tune. Fixed?
  4. Yeah centreline=SHIT. Rolled my guards without asking me first and cracked the paint on both sides
  5. Well here we go... Very well known suspension specialist lets just say in Thomastown was where I had complete suspension replaced. Business has been there for around 20-25 years so I'm thinking yeah should be top knotch as many others have raved about this place in the past. Went there so they could inspect the vehicle on the hoist and quote. All good, needs this that and the other, no problem. So booked the car in for two weeks time. Arrive at 8 am sharp as requested. Will only be 1 day. So no phone call by 4 so I call. Um coilovers haven't arrived yet so it should be tomorrow. Ok I can live with that, these things happen. So turned up after work next day to pick the car up. Yeah all good he says and we lowered it the 15mm extra you wanted. Great I'm thinking UNTIL the words oh yeah I had to roll the front guards so it wouldn't rub. I said you what? Rolled the front guards. At this point I'm thinking OMG. So at this stage I've gone to inspect the car and gone straight for the guards. Oh low and behold the paint has cracked. I turn to him and ask the very simple question. Before you felt the need to take it apon yourself to roll the guards why, WHY on earth did you not call me first. Blank faced he says I thought I was doing the right thing. Not even a sorry came from his mouth. So he says what do you want me to do. Um I'd like it fixed thanks. He says I don't know any panel beaters. I said we'll in the 20 odd years you've been here you don't know any panel shops? So having said that I left the car and walked approx 5 k in hail to the train station without even an offer of a lift or anything by the workshop. 7 days later picked the car up and I was on my way. Even after there boasting of how good they are at alignments and hardly anyone can do a good alignment how come the cars steering wheel is way of in a straight position and pulls to the left? Even one of the items on the receipt that said was fixed has not been touched. I honestly wanted a good experience from this place and I'm appalled. Did I pay top dollar for my experience. You bet I did. Wouldn't have fazed me if I had received the service to go with the price. So now I have to find another place to get a correct wheel alignment done. I was a little paranoid leaving my car with anyone, but now I'm just super paranoid. Thanks for reading......
  6. Thank you for the tyres and good customer service. But can you please update your prices on here. Thanks
  7. mickr33

    Edge Motorworks

    Met Barry while getting tune done by Chian. Barry was nice to speak to and Chian's tune is absolutely awesome and this was 3 years ago. Been to a few big names for tunes but in my book Chian's tune is much better than any other I've had.
  8. Hi guys. As the title says I'm after one obviously working and in good nick. Let me know if you have one. Thanks. Regards Michael
  9. The only safety Mat is the right foot control and ears if it starts pinning!
  10. Hi Mat. I've tried quite a few different manual controllers and I must say when these turbotech products came along, tried one and was amazed. I've currently whacked the original version back on for now so hopefully the V2 is even better. As for going the cheap I don't believe going cheap on the skyline it's just a bonus it's that price. They could of charged triple the price and I would still buy it.
  11. Hi Glyn. What level of boost are you running through the V2.
  12. Turns out it was the EBC. After initially receiving a dodgy solinoid when I first bought the Gizzmo and now this, I have ordered a V2 turbotech. You've had two chances Gizzmo, now you can get stuffed.
  13. Good idea Daniel. I'll give it a crack. Thanks
  14. It's running internal gate setup. I did think that the ebc may not be working but I can still hear the solenoid working its little heart out, so I assumed it should be working but I could be wrong.
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