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  1. Ok good to know things all seem fine. So there is nothing specifically causing cyl 4 and 6 to be lower than the rest then? I know if two joining cyl are low it can be head gasket related, but wasnt sure if there is a typical reason for this.
  2. I was wondering why some individual cylinders were different to others in the way my 6 are, for example, and why i can have such a wide spread of pressure over the engine...
  3. So ive done a test at home and got some interesting results. I have some ideas but wanted to get some analysis from everyone as to why my results are like this and causes. I got, front to back 167 160 150 140 157 145 Thoughts? Thanks1524024723762
  4. Great fun and a challenging track; can't wait to come back. A little in car action...
  5. Washed it last night, just got some final prep today after work
  6. So an extinguisher must be 3 years old or newer unless its been serviced? I thought it was longer...
  7. Are food and drinks available to buy on the day?
  8. Whats the min cams licence needed, and is it the same for all the sau track events?
  9. How rare you ask? Search the internet and you will not find a single picture of this wing or a similar wing anywhere! English sites, Japanese sites; its like it never existed! In fact, if you do find a pic, let me know as I really want to see it. So the story behind this. I was wanting a new boot spoiler, searched everywhere and found this on yahoo japan. I mistakenly thought this was a boot spoiler and as the design was what I was after. I paid hundreds to get it imported and delivered only to find out my error. I wasn't planning to get a roof spoiler and so its gotta go. My loss is your gain. The wing itself is in good condition but will need prep and paintwork to restore it and have it looking sweet again. It has a number of bolts on its underside so you would need to drill holes in your roof to fit it and get nuts to match. Item is approx. 97cm wide, 62cm long. If you want your R33 to stand out among the masses, I guarantee no one will have one of these. $70 Prefer pick up east side of Melbourne (but can ship at buyers expense)
  10. Its worth whatever the market is willing to pay. Search for recent sales of similar cars
  11. ok bit of an update. Rather embarrassingly, it appears the cause is a flat battery. Rather than eliminate the basics I panicked and jumped to higher conclusions. I actually had a year old battery fail 5 months ago and got it replaced for a new one. For this reason and because it failed differently (voltage didn't drop as low, so it still chugged but didn't start, as opposed to the engine not even attempting ignition this time) I discounted the battery as being the culprit, but some internet research later and a few things added up. Checked the voltage, charged it overnight and its not looking good, so I think I'm off the shop I bought it from to again get it tested/changed. I guess this is the best outcome, although I really wish my battery's would be a bit more set and forget.