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  1. Its worth whatever the market is willing to pay. Search for recent sales of similar cars
  2. ok bit of an update. Rather embarrassingly, it appears the cause is a flat battery. Rather than eliminate the basics I panicked and jumped to higher conclusions. I actually had a year old battery fail 5 months ago and got it replaced for a new one. For this reason and because it failed differently (voltage didn't drop as low, so it still chugged but didn't start, as opposed to the engine not even attempting ignition this time) I discounted the battery as being the culprit, but some internet research later and a few things added up. Checked the voltage, charged it overnight and its not looking good, so I think I'm off the shop I bought it from to again get it tested/changed. I guess this is the best outcome, although I really wish my battery's would be a bit more set and forget.
  3. I'm a bit limited in what I can do right at the moment, but I have gone out and checked all relevant fuses (should have been my first step, I know) and there are none blown. Battery has over 12V and that's after me cranking is a bunch during testing/diagnosis (but this im 100% isn't related to the problem). The diagnosis plan from BenC34 (thanks!) is something I will have to attempt over the weekend as I don't have time until then. To otherwise check that the fuel pump is working, I think it primes and makes a noise when you turn the key to ACC, right? Also I have a PowerFC; is there a way to check for any error codes or diagnosis on that? And any other magic bullet items that may have failed for it to die like it has? thanks all
  4. coilpacks were replaced with new splitfires 2 months ago so it shouldnt be that, should it. And it would run rough with a dodgy coil, rather than have no ignition at all right?
  5. Help; car wont start (and its not the starter) So I went to drive the R33 work last week and when I cranked the ignition the engine began to start as normal but then cut out. Further attempts so start only had the starter appearing to work but would not start the engine. I assumed that the starter was somehow spinning but not engaging and therefore was at fault (its 19 years old) so I bought a new one and painfully installed it. I went to start the car; no change. I still hear spinning of a starter but the engine doesn't even try to fire up. The car is modified and on the ignition side the fuel pump is about 2 years old, and the plugs 1, battery is fairly new and alternator also is about a year old. Generally the whole car is well looked after. So why wont my car start? Ideas? What died? Big thanks...
  6. Just do the isakura 3 day trial: its literally a couple of bucks and you use paypal
  7. Thats one hellofa question
  8. sa 

    99%?! Yeah, ok...
  9. Great drive and route. Really enjoyed it
  10. A year on an curiosity got the better of me. Thanks to t_revs I tried Isakura on android box. The website to get it from is and you can either buy an android box through them or download the app if you have one already (I think you can do for PC also). It was suggested I go for a 3 day trial for USD$4 to see if it worked for me and that the quality was acceptable. I was a little doubtful as I have poor luck with tech stuff working for me, but I gave it a shot and wouldnt-ya-know-it; it worked! 75 Channels of the normal free to air plus a bunch of pay TV channels and quite cost effective if you were to buy the longer packages.
  11. Update, I had a poke around the front left suspension and found that the swaybar link OD is slightly smaller than the swaybar and car ID so I believe that's where the clunk was coming from. The swaybar is aftermarket and I've tried to fix it as best I can but I think I need a proper go at it in the future. Also the whole car squeaks like crazy, so a winter job might be to try take apart everything suspension related, inspect, clean, lube as needed and refit. Its driving me nuts; good thing I have a loud audio system.
  12. Really? I did not know this... As mentioned the problem is that one tyre is rubbing against the front plastic inner guard while the other doesn't. and If I am to use Mr Hammer, where are you suggesting I use it?
  13. At buyers cost, yes, but if you are in melb pick up is best, might get costly to send as they are heavy