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  1. Does anyone know if a current club reg'd vehicle can be transferred to another club at renewal without requiring another full RWC? I'm a member of a certain local club, but would prefer to be a member of SAU Vic, however, don't want to have to have to go through RWC again. Would think that if the vehicle has already passed RWC and is on a current club reg, this shouldn't be an issue, but who knows with VicRoads...
  2. '94 r32 GTR Blueprint balanced motor Forged pistons Standard rods ARP rod bolts, main and head studs Nitto metal head gasket Inlet ports polished and knife edged Standard cams, upgrade springs 2860rs-5 turbos Nitto oil pump Racepace sump Haltech PS2000 & WB1 wideband eBoost2 Walbro 460, 3/16th lines, standard rail, Turbosmart FPR ID1000cc injectors Tomei Expreme Ti E85, 20psi = 369kw - no corrections, much more in it though, Walbro at its limit. The little blip at 4500rpm was a strapping issue on the dyno, not in the power delivery or tune. Next up will be a 3582 or 3576 gen ii, 6boost, fuel rail, frenchy and another 460. Little Clip: Off the dyno and on the street in Guadalajara, Mexico for the first time after tune, couldn't help myself, grinning from ear to ear:IMG_1900.mov
  3. Hi mate. Wondering how you ended up going? Did you go for the 3576? If so what were the results? I'm currently on -5 twins having just tuned to 370kw at 20 pound, but I'd like to simplify the bay, see full boost 500rpm earlier (currently ~4500) and possibly get to 400kw on the same boost. I've read mixed results about the 3582 gen 2, thinking I'd get better response and not lose top end with the 76 rear instead.
  4. Thanks mate. Got any or know anyone that does in good condition?
  5. Typo in the title, should read 1994, not 95.
  6. As per the topic, I'm chasing headlights for a 1994. Not sure if the year makes a difference. What have you got?
  7. Jason, i'm waiting on your account details mate. Consider this sold. Elie
  8. he is an idiot, obviously deserving a heavy punishment to be speeding like that in a 50/60 zone... And with regards to financial differences, fines being hi or low depending on your income. I think fines should be a percentage of the value of your car.
  9. hahahaha i love it.... however i don't agree, obviously, having owned mine for 2 years now, i wouldn't get back in a 180 or r32... unless a drift cop... the vg30dett is a great motor. Yep, an absolute BITCH to work on, but it puts out a helluva lot. Supports 350+ rwkw on stock internals, proven on many examples around australia. Very easy to extract power with simple bolt ons. They arnt THAT heavy either, and they handle better than any skyline, no offence boys. I wouldn't get one though, if you cant afford to do all the preventative maintainence. Being such a hi-tech car, yes still by todays standards, there are a few things which need to be sorted out (if not done previously, and wont be on a $7k example) like the 100k service, and plenum pull/water bypass and emission control deletes. This can set you back 3 k. So i wouldn't recommend it if you have 7k and no more to spend. But if you are tech savvy, or have the money, its a beautiful car to own, very rewarding. Especially a 5 speed 2 seater slicktop (lightest and rare), heaps of fun! Hope that helps.
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