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EOI: gtx3582 gen2

I have the gtx3582 gen2 on my car for 1200kms. I want a little more response so I might change to Gtx3576 gen2.

if someone interest my 3582 gen2, pm me please. Price will be around 2300 and you can have any size of rear housing because I will keep the old housing and buy a 3576 gen2 with the rear housing you want.(they only sale a kit, no supercore)

locate Gold Coast.


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On 3/20/2017 at 1:54 AM, Nosure said:

I used have gtx3576 gen1 with rb26. It spool 600 rpm early than my 3582 gen2 with 2.8.  

If no one interest my 3582 I will set the 8700rpm limiter. Then I should still have same power band as 3576. 

Hi mate. Wondering how you ended up going? Did you go for the 3576? If so what were the results? I'm currently on -5 twins having just tuned to 370kw at 20 pound, but I'd like to simplify the bay, see full boost 500rpm earlier (currently ~4500) and possibly get to 400kw on the same boost. 

I've read mixed results about the 3582 gen 2, thinking I'd get better response and not lose top end with the 76 rear instead. 

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