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  1. few killer hammers and then use hub puller and out. just needed to hit my bloody hand with hammer and jump around for 5 mins to get out !
  2. For BMW you can go to real oem and it gives you breakdown of all parts and item numbers even sometime include washer and spring , that is how detailed it is is there any similar site for Nissan?
  3. Well i am helping a mate and he had removed the nut And damaged the thread do thinking if sanding few threads so can put the nut back on Will give it a go. Was suggesting he should buy a concreate breaker And push it out in 2 sec does bearing or cv not get screwed if hammered? re nut, some threads at top of the nut are gone but it torques to 210nm which is the recommended torque, leave it or replace?
  4. end of the shaft where spline has a nut and clip holding it to hub the 36mm nut removed but halfshaft is almost welded to hub doesn’t budge with air hammer, heat or plus gas
  5. So nut removed but drive shaft doesn’t budge if you put a torch around the rear drive ahaft, is there bearing or something right behind it where all grease will melt? air hammer does not work, heavy hammer doesn’t and also plus gas doesn’t it os almost welded
  6. Waiting on alpha omega response spacers goes in one way only so i could not havr mis aligned anything as all holes must be aligned for it to go in calliper is good so only thing is the bracket is screwed? could camber or toe impact position of disc i. Relation to caliper? I wouldn’t thing so as knockle is not flexible so toe pr camber won’t pull bottom side down or vice versa
  7. I followed all instructions and puzzled it has a hub spacer which I installed and drive shaft ring thing which does toe or camber angle change position of caliper to disc?
  8. All bought the alpha omega bracket kit for r34 rear as had it in front and it is good for those who don't know, it is 350z rear disc with brembo is evo 6 caliper and bracket of course now after mounting it which comes with a drive shaft spacer, it seems too tight between the lower of the caliper and disc is that expected if anyone has installed it? disc rotates but think it will rob
  9. Ok so got the r32 manual so thanks for the advice few questions: 1. why is the torque in range such as 85-110? That is a huge difference 2.you can't put a torque meter on the flange from gearbox so i made it as tight as I could with spanner. Book says torque should be 80 nmwhich seems very high for that bolt and nut 3. Subframe torque was 110nm , lock is not nylon so you don't need to dispose of it, re use? I used medium strength loctile on it
  10. Taken whole rear subframe out and relaced with aluminum as well aa difff can’t find torque setting, anyone knows what it is? not in workshop manual for r33 or r34 i also need the ball joint, trailing arm etc torque as need to torque them up
  11. So clean and grease is what you suggesting? if greased and no boot, it will get dirty or full of stone very soon is it matter of rotating side to side and if it work without sticking or strange noise the. It is still good?
  12. hate the feature where you can look maps, feels like you are held hostage
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