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  1. I know my intercooler is blitz so i would have hoped it is well known can’t get hold of my tuner to confirm how car has been setup but very strange as at times it boosts to 17.2 psi and at times 15 Almost always boosts to 17 on cold but as soon as warm it is hit and miss so unsure of what it is i assumed he is using air intake temp to control boost so using water injection to cool the temp anyway engine runs better with cooler temp
  2. Hi guys, has anyone had return body oil of their turbo cracked or having hair line crack? i narrowed my oil leak to that and changed gasket and tightened again but it is still leaking so making me think it is a hairline crack on either pipe or turbo looks like this https://images.app.goo.gl/XPiTLT73APtUsVNG7
  3. yes aem https://h-tune.co.uk/aem-v2-1-gallon-water-methanol-injection-kit-with-internal-map-sensor/?currency=GBP&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxZrVh53X4QIVipTtCh0xJgHLEAQYASABEgIk-fD_BwE
  4. It is whatever they sent with pack which is 6mm on the 1/4" No issues at pump or filter just the bloody nozzle so me thinking it is vibrating and need to allow a bit more of loose pipe
  5. changed to greddy and i was very happy as boost built to 17 psi but that was short lived as it soon dropped to 15.4 psi again as soon as car was hot. need to speak to tuner i spoke he is using air temp to adjust fuel and boost so don't have too much boost when hot
  6. my bloody water pipe keeps popping out of the nozzle. I have made sure the head is round and it is firmly pushed into the pneumatic head. Could it be cable needs to have more loose section as vibration could be pulling it out ?
  7. Actually the car runs really good and link ecu is mapped so when temp is high then boost is dropped when temp is around 25 degree the boost goes to maximum of 15.5 psi now temp is around 16 degree and boost at 17 psi. Water only Aem says the injector has to be above the tank so gravity won’t pull that is my difficulty now as i want the injection to be right after intercooler so temp is dropped by the time it is at air temp sensor but that is presenting a problem as it is lower than the tank so testing this gravity pulls water even when off this is when the pipe is off the injector and hanging but as soon as it is inserted , it does not seem to leak. I have filled the tank to the lip and not a single drop when plugged in i can only assume because there is a nozzle and it is small, it is cancelling the gravity or water can’t flow same as when it is unplugged my question is , is there a valve or something that opens under pressure so i can insert it meaning gravity can’t pull water and once the pump injects that is only when it opens? here is a pic of the nozzle https://h-tune.co.uk/aem-v2-water-methanol-nozzle-and-jet-kit/?currency=GBP&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIlrCiwKrL4QIVLrXtCh3X_QPuEAQYAiABEgJmS_D_BwE am i correct thinking it is check valve?
  8. can't as haven't got anything to block it off in addition to potentially damaging turbo due to pressure!
  9. will do , do you reckon my symptons sounds like a bov leak ?
  10. Hi, I think my blitz is leaking and have seen many people saying they are known for leaking I am saying this as i get random boost around 14 psi and sometime it goes to 16-17 but other times stays at 14-15 prior to tunning had the same problem as it was reaching 6 psi where it should have been 9 psi . even worse it was on 1-3 psi if the car was off road for 2-3 month which lead me to believe blow off valve internals needed a bit of drive ... anyway I could be wrong and to test it, I am buying a new BOV,. greddy i have looked at the mounting plates and it seems to be the same for blitz and greddy( see below). is there a standard between the BOV so they have have same aparture / hole size so I could use my blitz valve ? also would you use gasket maker for the connection between pipe and dump valve ? blitz https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Blow-Off-Valve-Adapter-Fits-Blitz-BOV-For-Nissan-Skyline-R32-R33-R34-GTST-GTT-BK/273349837940?epid=24021312519&hash=item3fa4eb8474:g:yBUAAOSwnEtbRbzU greddy https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/401678163818?ViewItem=&item=401678163818
  11. thanks mate, i suppose in stage 4 you are refering to recirculating the vapor or oil into intake before turbo ? mine is blowing to air so don't want any sh*t in my intake only thing i have not checked is return on turbo, can leaking return line cause any blue smoke or crank pressure apart from obviously loosing oil as it returns ? I am planning to change the gasket again in case that is the culprit as there is hardly any oil in catch can or intake pipe so can only think leaking oil from turbo, drain or sandwich plate ..
  12. yes have it and installed. taking it to a shop to weld the bung so can insert the nozzle into intake as it stands it is hanging in engine bay safely ! so 50 50 water meth does not burn ? What is the point of adding it then ?
  13. Will check the car over again as it is driving me nuts now it seems whatever i do there is still either leak or burning does faulty bov result in burning oil?
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