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  1. Yeah I’m most concerned about heat damage in the underbody
  2. I have to leave at least the tailpipe off until my new exhaust comes in because the baffle came apart in this one and clogged the muffler
  3. I ordered a new catback, test pipe, and front pipe for my r32 GTR. After taking the cat and the catback off I am unable to get the stock front pipe off. I am planning on bringing it to a shop to swap the front pipes. Is it safe to drive a shop and back that is 35km away with only a front pipe on and nothing after it?
  4. I've been looking into getting a front pipe for my r32 gtr. I've heard a lot of clips of equal length front pipes, but I'm curious what something closer to equal length but not exactly equal length sounds like, such as the HKS one. Does anyone have any clips of an HKS front pipe they can share? I'm hoping it will sound closer to an equal length, but not quite as high pitched as equal length. Thanks.
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