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  1. tangomatt

    Hi Robyn Just letting you know that I have just paid 3 year membership fees this morning via PayPal. The PayPal account is in my wife’s email - kayctt@yahoo.com Thanks heaps Matt
  2. tangomatt

    Hi Robyn Do you mind checking my membership status please? I have not paid renewal for I think a year or so My email is tangomatt@yahoo.com Thanks Matt
  3. tangomatt

    Thanks Robyn
  4. tangomatt

    Hi Robyn Just wondering if my membership payment has been processed payment made 30 Jan 2017 Thanks Matt
  5. I am bleeding for my hasty buying and wrong decision making on my car parts Aaarrrgggghh On Gumtree for $2600; SAU members for a bit less
  6. PRICE $2500 NOW!!! wheels have been removed from my car
  7. PRICE $2600 NOW!!! wheels have been removed from my car
  8. More photos to tantalise the taste buds In my opinion, 17" wheels on R32s are a perfect match. Price $2800 ONO
  9. Brand new Rays Wheels 17"x9" +22 Gramlights 57DR with Advan Ad08 tyres Rays Gramlights cast wheels 17"x9" +22 offset. 5H PCD 114.3 Matte Bronze limited edition colour Wheels have concave spokes that easily clear Brembo brakes on R32 GTR. May fit many other vehicles wanting a square setup - Skylines, EVO, S14,15 etc Please do your own research for fitment and suitability to your specific vehicle. Wheels are new in condition. Not one scratch, scuff etc. Fitted with brand new fresh stock Advan Ad08 255/40 R17 high performance tyres. Tyres still have knobby bits on tread. Travelled less than 100km. Purchased two weeks ago at $3300 AUD Selling for $2890 ONO