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  1. President Andrew Collins Vice President Simon Henman Secretary John Richardson Treasurer Martin Sulivan
  2. Broadford is super complex, I feel that I'm not even close to fully understanding how to get around there quick.
  3. This relates to re-servicing of the unit. If the date stamped on the unit is within 3 years, you are fine.
  4. 2018 + 5 years in your case. But this applies for state level events, club days allow a little more freedom as the minimum standard is lap belts. If they are in good condition, they will pass.
  5. If you're an SAU VIC / WRX Vic member is $249 plus the Come n Try License cost, else it's the Everyone else cost plus the Come n Try license.
  6. Please enter online via our google form and follow the payment link. https://drive.google.com/open?id=127pIIQaLXNTFwtak-lDbWH3h7WiS00u2C9uMsudMRKE $249 for SAU VIC & WRX Member | $299 for everyone else Level 1 (Come n Try) Licenses are $25 each and are purchased on the day of the event. This event is capped at 40 entries to maximise track time, 5 groups of 8 cars each. There will be 1 Come N Try group only, so first in first served. Broadford is a hidden gem and is difficult to book (as the motorcycle clubs get preference). It's also relatively expensive to book, SAU VIC looses money on this event but we conducted it because our member base likes the venue. Canteen will be open all day for food and drink. Video from last year here Some info from our scrutineer, please read. Good afternoon All Competitors & Come and Try Entrants. Your competition vehicles will be scrutinised by myself (Haider Butts) on the day of this event. I will like to take this opportunity to remind you of some recent updates in General Requirements for Cars and Drivers. In this post I will only mention the ones that affect competitors and vehicles at this event. I would highly recommend you to read this recent update in requirements in your own time: http://docs.cams.com.au/…/GQ00-Regulation%20Modifications-2… 1. Display a blue triangle to indicate location of the battery even if it is in the standard location of that vehicle. An additional triangle to be added if the battery is located inside the cockpit on or adjacent to the battery. 2. A visible towing point capable of accepting a 40mm cylindrical test object. 3. A fire extinguisher must display: a. Capacity b. Type of extinguishant c. Weight and volume of the extinguishant d. Date of manufacture of the extinguisher 4. A fire extinguisher of minimum 900gms weight which meets AS1841 standard must be installed using a metal bracket within the reach of the driver fully harnessed. All drivers will be required to undergo this check at the time of scrutiny. 5. Fire extinguisher service tags are no longer accepted by themselves. A certificate of service is required on paper for each fire extinguisher installed in the vehicle. 6. SABELT Harnesses, I will be using the following identification post from CAMS to pass or fail SABELT seat harnesses. Please take a moment to read this carefully and if affected replace your SABELT harnesses before this event. Failure to do so may result in failing scrutiny. 
https://www.cams.com.au/…/officials-newsletter-issue-4-scru… 7. A harness tagged “FOR FHR (frontal head restraint) Use Only” shall be only permitted if the driver is using a FIA certified FHR Device. Failure to produce a FHR device will result in fail scrutiny. That all for now. If there are any other changes that apply to this meeting I will update this post. So watch this space. I will be attending the Victorian Scrutineers meeting on the 20th of February. If you wish me to raise any questions or seek clarifications on your behalf in this meeting, please message me directly on Facebook. I will have your answers posted by COB 21st of February. Entry List (17-02-2018 15:34PM) # Driver First Name Driver Surname Car Make & Model 1 Tim Dinh Ford Fiesta ST 2 Brett Patching WRX 3 Matt Lowth BMW M4 4 Aaron Barnes Mitsubishi Evo IX 5 David Marinucci Toyota Prius 6 DAVID BLUNDEN SKYLINE 1997 R33 GTST 7 Sam Lehmann Nissan Skyline GT-R 8 Zikang LUO Toyota 86 9 Ash Stacey 2017 Nissan GTR 10 Theo Kornaros Mitsubishi Evo9 11 Eddie Sansil Mitsubishi Evo IX 12 Nick Petrovski 2013 Mitsi Evo X 13 Andrew Collins Nissan R31 Skyline 14 Rhys Postlethwaite R34 2dr GTT 15 Trevor Ng Lotus Exige 16 Aaron Doble Nissan Skyline GTR 17 Nick Cateaux 1993 Mitsubishi GSR AWD 18 Jeremy Blackman Nissan Skyline ECR33 19 Paul Richardson Subaru GD WRX 20 Clayton Sinclair Nissan R34 GTR 21 Tony Avramides Nissan Skylne R32 GTR 22 david bosa Renault 182 F1 Clio Cup 23 Daniel Fencheno Renault Clio 182 24 Edoardo Costa Subaru BRZ 25 Jian Cai Pook Toyota Supra 26 Chris Starr Bmw 328is 27 Alan Wilson Subaru WRX 28 John Wilson Subaru WRX 29 joel bryar 2016 CLIO RS TROPHY 30 Tim Milford-Cottam EVO 7 31 Peter Blythe R33 GTR 32 Jeff Beable R35 GTR 33 Martin Sullivan Nissan 200sx
  7. $1,500 Will ship calipers brakets lines new set of rotors new set of ebc orange race pads
  8. What a blast of a track and a great venue. Big hi fives to Andrew who put in a massive effort and everyone else involved. We had rain, thunder, lightening, sun, oil, sheep, SR20 rod bolts and more. Bring on Grand Final day at Sandown. In car from the subi and the beemer.
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