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  1. Up for sale is my 1989 Nissan 180sx. Unfortunately due to a complete lack of interest in cars these days it has sat around for approx 3 years doing nothing since it was taken off the road by the EPA. The car is almost complete and pretty much all the parts in it are brand new. The car requires some seats, a tune, some minor exhaust work, some other small bits and pieces and its ready to race/drift. Due to an EPA defect the car could only be registered if it was cleared with EPA first then VicRoads could re-register. So the answer is YES the car can be registered providing you can obtain RWC and clear EPA defect, but considering it doesn't have much interior and the like it would take a bit of effort. The car is in ok condition considering the age of these Nissan's these days and has spent pretty much 90% of its life while I have owned it in the garage. A few notes about the car. The car comes with the intercooler mounted in the engine bay and the radiator moved forward. Everything around it has been customised to suit setup. I have also gone to the effort to completely hide all engine bay wiring. Relay boxes have then been mounted in glovebox. It just requires a quick tidy up behind the dash if you can be bothered. Interior has been spray canned black and all sound deadening removed. Here are the details: Engine/Other stuff SR20DET with approx 120,000 on clock, stock internals. Gktech rocker arms stoppers. Greddy copy intake manifold (came off Datsun race car) Brand new Kando low mount T2 internally gated TD06 mounted on stock ported manifold (S15 comp cover version.) Turbo has intercooler outlet pipe and intake pipe snout fitted Brand new Nismo 740cc injectors Brand new Z32 AFM (not so brand new now as friend borrowed it for a week) Brand new thermo fan set-up on brand new 52mm ASI Radiator. Kit has in cabin switch with auto sensor in rad hose. Brand new radiator hosing. Cheapy chinese intercooler mounted in engine bay. Relocated battery to rear of drivers seat. Standard gearbox with unknown racing clutch and JUN lightweight flywheel. (Setup handled 260kw no worries) C's style short shifter. Power FC with hand controller. Brand new surge tank setup with new Bosch 044 and used in-tank 040. Shimmed diff. (Tight!) Nismo engine mounts Brakes: Brand new R32 GTST front slotted rotors with used R32 GTST calipers (can be upgraded using gktech kit to R33 GTR rotors) Brand new rear slotted rotors and ferodo pads (plus new seals in calipers). Brand new front and rear braided brake lines. Hydraulic handbrake setup with all new braided lines. Wheels: 4x drift tek wheels 17x9.5 + 18 With brand new falken FK452 235/45/17 tyres all round Suspension: Racing logic coilovers in excellent condition. Spring rates 10 all round Brand new Gktech Steering spacers TIEN adjustable castor arms Rear R32 GTR sway bar It currently has a fresh batch of Castrol Edge 10w 60 with fresh coolant in it. All the car needs to be complete is seats, tune, exhaust needs a small piece of 3 inch to be welded in to finish it off, battery, intake pipe. Car should make around 230kw as is, with some drop in cams can push 260kw. I am asking for $7000 ono, No SWAPS! Any questions please PM or call 0420 904 034 Tim.
  2. Hey guys, I was just wondering if its ok to use cable ties to mount my fire extinguisher? I read somewhere on here that that's ok. Also I sent in a cheque to pay for my entry as I don't have a computer. Hopefully you received it Ryan.
  3. 1. Campbell & Laura Honeymoon suite....
  4. After some R32 gts-t front calipers (r32 gts-t suit 280mm rotors) Don't care about pads just as long as they have all plates and pins Cheers, Tim
  5. I'll jump on as morning skidpan timer WayneO
  6. I can strongly vouch for this lol 35/40 equipped 360kw R33 Skyline's are not the greatest fun (although I still managed to enter in it like 5 times )
  7. Pfffttt Ben Affleck and Mat Damon are both muppets NOW ADAM NEWTON!!!! THAT GUYS AWESOME!!!! (He's gonna kill me for this)
  8. Well it looks like I could be entering this time round...in what car? Not telling And don't bother asking around cause no one knows
  9. If I can make it in Feb I'll be joining you at the RSL
  10. You should probably consider yourself lucky then I didn't penalize you for not stopping in the gate properly in one of the battles...
  11. 2 Deca's ago you got me lots of drinks cause you got sick of me complaining I was sober lol
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