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  1. Yes it is, but you need to buy 4 in order to enjoy the $100 cashback discount, else it's $159 per tyre, which is still a good price. Promotion finishes end of this month I think. Come to think of it, tyre prices have generally dropped since I created this thread over 10 years ago. Back in those days we had to pay $200 a corner for some nasty Falken crap as compared to now when you can now get Michelin PS3 for $134 in the same size. Not everything goes up in price i guess! Michelin Pilot Sport 3 : Dry : 8/10 Wet : 8.5/10 Size : 235/45/17 Price & Value for Money : Currently $134 each fitted and balance, 9.5/10 due to current promotion, else 9/10 Comments : Was a bit apprehensive to get them as they are made in Thailand, but was assured by various sources quality is similar to those made in Germany. Great tyre so far! Kumho Ecsta 4x SU22 : Dry : 5/10 Wet : 6.5/10 Size : 235/45/17 Price & Value for Money : 5.5/10. They were already on my daily when I bought it. Seen them on eBay for just under $100 each but that's without postage and fitting. I would imagine they go for around $130-150 each fitted and balanced in the tyre shops. Comments : A mid range tyre that's supposedly suited for all weather types, even a bit of snow. Average traction in the dry, decent in the wet. But if they cost $130-150 fitted and balanced, I'd be looking at Michelin PS3 or the Bridgestone RE003 which are better value for money. Sumitomo HTR Z III : Dry : 6/10 Wet : 6/10 Size : 235/45/17 Price & Value for Money : 5/10. Currently $175 each fitted and balanced. Comments : I was surprised to find out these tyres are still available as I had them on my Mitsubishi GTO MR over 5 years ago. Not a bad tyre but nothing special in my opinion. Again, with the quoted price, better options in the market. Dunlop SP Sport 01 : Dry : 6/10 Wet : 6/10 Size : 245/40/18 Price & Value for Money : 4/10. Currently $330 each fitted and balanced. More expensive than Michelin PS3 in the same size. Comments : I also tried this on my GTO some years back. Lots of squealing and understeer when pushed hard in the corners. Expensive but nothing great at all. Like going to an expensive restaurant, not having a fantastic experience and wishing you had eaten at the local fish and chip shop instead.
  2. Yup, I just got the Michelin Pilot Sport 3 (made in thailand) for my daily. No complaints so far! It's $134 each fitted & balanced in the 235/45ZR17 Size at the moment in the tyre shops due to the Michelin $100 cashback promotion but only if you buy 4. Very good price in my opinion. Anyway I was looking on eBay, cheap new tyres in 235/45ZR17 size as cheap as $55 each and in the 235/40ZR18 size $60 each! Would anyone care to review them?
  3. I did some research into country of origin for certain tyres. High performance tyres in certain sizes are no longer manufactured in japan, germany or france. Needless to say there are no Australian mades one too as the goodyear and dunlop factories here closed down some years back. Example, for the size 235/45ZR17 that are sold new in Australia (at least in Vic tyre stores) Michelin Pilot Sport 3 - Made in Thailand Bridgestone Potenza RE003 - Made in Indonesia Continental ContiSport Contact 5 - Made in Czech Republic Goodyear Eagle F1 - ??? (Anyone knows?) I was told certain sizes are also made in china and other countries. Anyway it seems to be a good month to save some money if you're shopping for tyres. Apparently Bridgestone and Michelin have $100 cashback if you buy 4 tyres, and Continental have the buy 3 get 1 free special. Ends 30th this month.
  4. Your Michelin pilot sport 3, where are they made? There's actually a $100 cashback sale on Michelin Tyres at the moment until end of this month. I called up a tyre shop and got some pretty good prices for 235/45/17 Pilot Sport 3 Tyres @ $159 each fitted & balanced (even before the $100 cashback). However I found out they are made in Thailand. If they were made in Germany or France I would have booked in an appointment immediately. Does anyone else have concerns about which country your tyres are made?
  5. Defi gauge sold, the others still available cheers
  6. Hi, i've got for sale a few gauges that i don't need anymore. The boost gagues are used in good condition and come with all wiring/sensors. The temp gauge is brand new and comes with everything. 1)Defi BF 60mm Electronic Boost Gauge (100% genuine!!!) Comes with control link unit, wiring/sensors/stand, lights up white, $250 2)Couple of Blitz 60mm mechanical gauges, black face reads to 2bar, white face reads to 1.5bar, comes with wiring and stands $55 each 3)Blitz Black i-D 60mm Temp gauge, can be used for oil/water. Brand new in box comes with everything $100 Please call me 0406886831 if interested, pickup in victoria western suburbs or can post. Thanks
  7. Been hearing a but about Kumho KU36, anyone using them?
  8. Hi Selling my used Pioneer Twin Subwoofers 12 inch VCCS in a Pioneer box. I used to have it in my r33 but now that it's sold I don't need it anymore. It's in good working condition & has neons installed inside the box (dunno what colour though). I will also throw in a Paragon 600w Amp (dunno what that is, a friend gave it to me) if you want it. $175, pickup only in melb western suburbs. PM or call me 0406886831 if interested, thanks
  9. Hi guys, I'm selling some bits and pieces that I don't need anymore. 2 used Blitz boost gauges, 1 white face reads to 1.5bar, the other black face reads to 2 bar. $60 each, comes with a stand Used Nissan DRV Shift Up Indicator. It's a nissan option fitted by factory/dealers in japan that cost 29,800 yen new. It has a bracket that makes it easy to be mounted onto the A-pillar. Comes with all the wires and stuff. $140 R33 Driver's side A-Pillar, no holes or cutes. $45 R33 Boot lock off a series 2 $35, Stock BOV $25 Brand new genuine Blue Isotta Nivola Evoluzione 350mm Steering Wheel. $140 Please PM or call me 0406886831 if interested, pick up in melbourne western suburbs or will post. Thanks
  10. Hi all Selling a used 60mm Nismo Black Face boost gauge, reads to 1.8 bar. Comes with wiring & a stand. Perfect working condition. A few very minor marks on gauge. Pick up vic western suburbs or will post. $65. PM if interested thanks
  11. Hi i got a whole set of coil packs for R33 S1 for sale, perfect condition, no misfire. $100, located in Melb Pm if interested, thanks
  12. I wanted to give away my 52cm TV to salvation army and they don't even want it!
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