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  1. Igniter cover ? I’m talking about the plastic one that reads NEO6
  2. Hey guys my mate has an R34 25GT (RB25DE) and I have a GTT I was wondering if I could give him one of my spare engine covers to chuck on an rb25de will it fit ? It’s just a standard rb25det one but before sending it out to him I want to make sure it fits!
  3. Uhhh damn okay, Well i am planning to just fix mine too but also just want to put the tachometer in and would like to learn how to wire it up, just having troubles to do so!
  4. Hey! What I know of so far is Pin 5 is the Tacho signal in the ECU, i just havent gotten around to matching that to the wire in the dash/cluster i have been a little too busy to do so! but eventually I will if you end up doing it soon can you let me know what wire the tacho one is behind the dash? (pin 5 ECU).
  5. Do i have to access the ECU? or can I wire it up through the dash cluster?
  6. hey! I need a little help installing my tachometer gauge, its an aftermarket one and don't know where the green (signal) wire goes. before you ask why...my factory one isnt working accurately or properly at the moment and just want to install this aftermarket one for the time being! can someone please tell me where the signal wire can connect to please ❤️
  7. Hey guys! I purchased some bulbs off eBay they were T3's and the bulb was a little big to fit through the hole in the back of the LCD screen for the climate control panel, can anyone guide me in purhcasing the right ones please, I want them in RED.
  8. I've been looking for a while, I can't find the AC light ones in red i was seeing if anyone knows of a place selling them.
  9. Hey guys! I'm looking at changing my Climate control lights to Red, (getting some Red LEDs) does anyone know where I can get them from or what size they use (pictures too) thank you
  10. Factory one is dead and im struggling to find one at the moment, I had this tachometre laying in my boot from the previous owner so i thought id try this one until i am able to fix my factory one or even get a new cluster, but for now i'll do this to keep safe.
  11. Try the TPS? (throttle point sensor). Happened to me, got that replaced and i'm allgood now!
  12. Hey guys! I need a little help installing my tachometer gauge, its an aftermarket one and don't know where the green (signal) wire goes. I've seen too many things about ECU.
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