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  1. Awww another German product and it's 1st MIL, so proud of it. Many more to come 😂 Tiguan at about 5 now, this one has 4 more to break even.
  2. I'll even throw in a Campbelltown bong made from me mate's used gatorade bottom and aunty Shazza's garden hose. Deal.
  3. Smooth, kind of reminds me of a Yamakazi 12 but much smoother. This is why the car doesn't progress anywhere lol.
  4. How much do you charge for smoke shows? Might need your services one day.
  5. 1st time I've driven this shit box in 3 months, door has been attached to the car for about 2 months. Look at the dents from hail, still would prefer a nice modern BMW.
  6. If your track pads fail you, PM me for some Elig Track pads
  7. lol... I wish I could turn back time, I would have just strip sold my R33 land boat when the motor exploded and I would have bought a F30 335i or 340i BMW.
  8. 100% that would be an issue, if that ring isn't flat you're diverting that exhaust energy from the turbo.
  9. If that doesn't manifest to a misfire or loss of power then I guess you could say it "runs well".
  10. Ever looked at your trigger error counter after a track day? gets pretty high
  11. get this, problem solved. https://www.nzwiring.com/index.php/product/trigger-kit/
  12. Nistune Boost control is actually very good, you have the option of a 3D table. wow.. a RB25 coming on at 5~5.5k with only 500hp rear is pretty terrible. Question around your manifold setup, is it divided or open? Please post up a photo of your hotside. Also cams won't bring on your boost any sooner, I would look at seeing if your VCT is working, without that you're already sacrificing 500~600rpm of spool time. (bragging rights) I was doing 499hp at the rear on a Mainline dyno with semi-slick tyres. Hit 1.65bar by 4100rpm.
  13. Oooft, I'll be waiting with a tray of sausages if I lose.
  14. Samsonas 25k, Motor 25K, Electronics 10K, Diff and Suspension 5k. Pretty good guess at $65k
  15. Mexico Tunnel? Nice 😁 I'll drag ya in the German tank lol
  16. Electric cars are terrible, especially here where the upstream pollution produced is far worse than any ICE (not meth). If everyone produced their own power at home, stored it and charged their cars with that then 100% let's go electric.
  17. I don't even own a comp tester (well I did, but one of my mates borrowed it, moved houses and has lost it). When in doubt, add boost.
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