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  1. Easier to run a standalone, what's your time worth? $100? 18 hours dicking around vs. a Kebabtech or Link
  2. His motor wasn't taking anymore timing, it's not fuel related guys. His injectors were not maxing out either.
  3. I've been saying it for years, and over and over again. Funny all of the twin gay huggers have mostly moved to a modern, single twin scroll setup.
  4. Feel free to ignore. Replace it with a single twin scroll turbo, because you're going to eventually put a single on it.
  5. Trust me it's not fuelling issues, I have a data log off his car but his tuner was smart and didn't log timing and locked the map. AFRs are pretty much like this:
  6. Good question, I went on a 4 hour drive not long ago, I should download that data and have a look
  7. Yeah it works well, I give my R33 to the fund, somehow someone trades/strips/sells that and turns that into a BMW for me, and i"ll tune the car, and you get paid for fab work All the extra cash can go into our pockets.. what an idea, just as good as that LMCT plus site!
  8. If you're really keen, remove all that plastic sheeting in the door and replace it with waterproof foam, generally those thin sheets you use as a yoga mat will do. Then send it's mum with sound deadening on the doors. I did that with my old R33, painted on sound deadening, then stuck on e dead (poor man's dynamatt) and went to town and sealed the door with foam sheets. Ran Focal 165K splits and it sounded porno, these days cbf with audio 😂
  9. These guys are killing it (profiting hard), sure they might be selling a car, donating to charity, offering sellers a platform to sell their car, etc. but whoever is behind it is making a killing - great business idea.
  10. and while we at it, we can fund the tuner (me) a F30 335i M-Sport with a factory LSD lol... I will contribute to that a fund a built R33
  11. I'm busy this weekend Trying to get dyno time to dial up a customer's car, then tile shopping again LOL Oh yeah, let's see how I go, I am craving a track day as well
  12. Kebabtech, however the Link G4+ would definitely support it.
  13. Shit just noticed I made a mistake, OUTPUT 1 to pump OUTPUT 2 to battery. Ironic the wiring diagram was in my face and I still managed to cock it up. Shows males can't multitask
  14. @R3N3 wiring diagram is pretty much this: Output 1 is +ve battery Output 2 goes to your fuel pump(s) Input 3 is +ve IGN Input 4 is the PWM output from your ECU Battery -> Output 1, just regular 8GA audio wiring. Used a audio style 80AMP ANL fuse. Output 2 -> goes to a fuse block, with 2x 30AMP fuses, used decent gauge wiring to the fuel pumps Fuel pump side, used 2x Schottky 40V 3A diodes, cathode side on the positive terminal of the fuel pump. Remember that current travels from +ve to -ve, but voltage the other way around.
  15. The ECU outputs PWM, just buy a 100amp solid state relay such as the Jaycar ones. Note they don't have internal suppression so you'll need to run a diode across the inductive load. Also they don't like high frequencies, between 100hz to 200hz is good. I run mine at 150hz, also use a good heatsink too
  16. Yeah feel sorry for that guy, he's been trying to sell it for ages. Hopefully silly American buys it, because it's Fast and Furious
  17. Ask that guy that ran Advan Performance back in the day, he successfully converted a GTS-4 to a GT-R 😂😂😂 Only R33 GT-R looking Skyline with a OEM sunroof. I'm sure he would know how to do it to a R34.
  18. Taking off the front prop shaft yet? I wanna see shed skids tomorrow.
  19. I honestly prefer to PWM the pumps instead of staging them, you'll find with staging pumps there's a momentary spike in fuel pressure each time it's activated. Not enough to feel a change, but enough for you to see a spike in rail pressure and also makes it harder to get your transient tits. An elegant way is to PWM both pumps, another way I thought that could be just as elegant is to have one pump on full tilt and the 2nd (or 2nd lot of pumps) running off PWM but with a very low duty and ramp them on based on MAP. No spikes, fuel won't heat up as fast and low load on your electrical system. Just an idea
  20. I don't think it's a fuelling issue, if you look at his AFRs they are more than safe. Also with his power levels on 98RON, there's not a lot of fuel demand.
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