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  1. New day, new excuse to waste money. Car going to fab next week, and somehow a simple "hot pipe extension & new cold side" is now involving a new catch can, new pipe work, relocating shit, reinforcing the subframe, etc. I honesty think a cocaine addiction is cheaper and provides more happiness and mental health
  2. All the Pro and Comp series IC are made to order. Unfortunately not off the shelf as you would think. I waited 2 months for mine LOL...
  3. is the tension bolt snagging on anything? Also if the belt keeps hopping off there are a few things that "may" be causing it: over tensioning of belt balancer is stuffed motor is stuffed, sending heaps of vibration to the crank and balancer and shaking shit off
  4. Let's see if this forum likes IG reels and embeds it. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CU_jcy8p8pk
  5. well, keeps it "period correct" which does have its appeal - however yours is a sexed up track car, so there's nothing period correct about it.
  6. Car starts, runs and also runs ok N/A with the old timing map & fuel map Moved it up the tow truck and also moved it back into the garage when I got back home... starting to feel a bit like Christmas.
  7. Your tuner will be the best person to determine what boost target is safe for 98RON. He or she would need to attached good knock detection equipment and load hold the motor and listen for knock and determine what timing and boost is good for street use on 98RON. Also, on 98 - I personally prefer to run a bit more boost and lazy timing then throw heaps of fuel in to keep it cool and happy (although this is not an efficient way to extract power). Of course, a full flex tune would be the minimum requirement here. Disclaimer: DYOR, this is not tuning advice
  8. I used to run the recommended dwell too, then Alex from Birrong had a look at my tune when I was using his dyno and recommended I dropped the dwell. This may have also fixed the misfiring issue as well, however can't fully attribute to this because at the same time swapped out the iridium plugs to coppers at the same time.
  9. PRP dwell times are way too high. At 14v I only have 3ms
  10. And that's how the taxi industry was formed lol.. spray LPG before the throttle and pray it runs 😂
  11. This is the reality, everyone says they're unreliable but at the track it's always the Nissans being spannered on and the BMWs are just carving up laps.
  12. Need to get rid of the shit box R33 first, missus won't be too impressed if I bring home another car lol
  13. This is why a M2, M3, M4, M5 or even M240, M340 makes sense. Works, fast, reliable (compared to our modded Nissans), won't get defected, great economy, comfy.
  14. Yeah normally I would, however these injectors probably has seen less than 5000km of use - lesson learnt nevertheless. Other than that, DBW works, closed loop idle worked well with a can of start ya bastard sprayed into the throttle 😂
  15. You won't have an issue, as serviced injectors generally would have some lubricant applied. And once everything is installed and then primed you theoretically should have a closed loop system.
  16. @Duncan I think having the cold side out of the car and sitting on a bench may have contributed to this. @BK I "could" take them to an injector place however burning time (and money) leaving the car in the shop, so easier to get a new set. Will try clean/service the old set, then sell them to recoup costs. And yes they're the 1480/1550/1650 (at 4bar) as everyone calls them.
  17. @PLYNX asif you would have bought a BMW Remember how I said nothing goes to plan with the R33? so spent a few hours at Birrong trying to start the stupid car, we got it going with start ya bastard. Car had injector pulse, spark, registered RPM, you name it! Everything was working as one would assume. Both scratching our heads, then he got one of the workers to pull them all out and put then in an injector bath. Surprise surprise, every single one seized. Amazing right? These are about 2 years old, have had like no more than 5000km on them and yep.. dead! Anyhow, more money to burn - picking up a brand new set of 6 tomorrow.
  18. I wish the opposite for mine, for me it's been a bad project and there's always something that is broken LOL I dream of a car that can be used, doesn't break with nothing to do!
  19. (this is my opinion, please feel free to ignore) whatever you do, don't put Redline Shockproof into the box. Great for old, worn and thrashed boxes - has no place in new tight boxes. Gee.. that sounded wrong.
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