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  1. How do u got about the trans tunnel tho does that need to be modified at all? @robbo_rb180
  2. Hey guys I’m just wondering how to rb25 engine and gear box swap a 180sx I’ve currently got a rb20 gearbox in the car with a 25 sitting in front of it (also using a r32 engine cross member) but had a change of heard for power numbers and now I’m wondering how I can fit the 25 gearbox but no one online seems to give clear description on how to do it
  3. Heys guys I’m building a 180sx with an rb25 and I wanna keep the air conditioning I’m just wondering how I can run a thermo for the radiator and still have the condenser in the front of it
  4. Hey guys I’m rb swapping a 180sx and was wondering what radiator I can/should use I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find any decent brands that’s do a straight radiator swap without cutting into the engine bay .I also wanna run the ac unit in it so if anyone knows any brackets/mounts or how to route the condenser with the radiator please let me know
  5. Hey guys I’ve got a 180sx that I’ve converted over to the 5 stud front and rear (r33 rear hubs ,s15 front hubs) and was just wondering what lower control arms and ball joints to use. I have the stock s13 lca but the ball joint shank on the stock s13 isn’t long enough so I’m just wondering what you can do to get around it cheers.
  6. Hey guys just looking at buying an high mount manifold for my rb25 swapped 180sx with a 3076r was wondering if anyone has any suggestions of brands or anything that fits the best cheers
  7. I am personally building the motor I’m installing a nitto oil pump/crank collar, head drain and oil restrictors Along with the head can I use the stock sump with all that?
  8. I’m aiming for 400hp at the moment so that later on one 400hp gets old I can just change over the supporting mods and not have to crack open the engine again
  9. Hey guy I’m building a Rb25det s1 with a forged and balanced bottom end . I’m aiming for about 350-400rwhp. was just wondering how much the stock Rb25det s1 head can handle in regards to rev change and hp and if it’s worth changing to solid lifters also if anyone has any info on better springs and and valves
  10. Hey guys so I have an r33 s1 that I’ve done a a fresh rebuild on i used an s2 block and did a complete stock rebuild (I’ve used s1 coilpacks)I’ve gone to start the car and the car doesn’t really wanna hold revs. when I give it a bit of throttle to start it up the car just starts revving up anyone got any tips or info that could help out
  11. Hey guy just doing an oil pump on a rb25det but can’t find the torque spec for the bolts
  12. But how can you tell if it’s a turbo block?
  13. Hey guys just looking at an rb30 and was wondering how to identify the engine (turbo/nonturbo) by it’s block the numbers I got from the block are 088543a 7219b 67s
  14. hey guys I’m doing a rb conversion on a 180sx I’m aiming for about 400hp and am gonna be running a rb20det box was wondering if anyone could give us some input with lsd options
  15. Hey guys I’m building an rb25 s1 for a 180sx/240sx and was wondering how much a stock s1 crank can handle and if ya worth going forge crank or keep stock and go forged pistons rods ive got a 3076r and am looking at making around 350-400
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