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  1. gross..... fatz and a green g-string.. even if he's not wearing it!
  2. i'll be doing something soon about this, its irritating the hell outta me!
  3. why the hell not??? :) with my 'box i just put up with it, it never got worse. My GTR doesn't do it very often tho. You'd probably be best getting your current one overhauled as you can never tell the absolute condition of a 2nd hand unit. How bad is the crunching? or does it just 'bite' every now and then? Christian
  4. Hey ZEUS, I dont think the '32 Gearbox will fit in a '33. How much power are you putting out? its a fair bit isn't it? Maybe the factory box isn't strong enough? Most skyline 'boxes will 'bite' you sometimes when changing around 3'rd and 4'th... my 'R and my old Gtst have/are doing it. Hope that helps. Christian
  5. if you look in the front bar (very closely!) you can see an intercooler... but apart from that, no other distinguishable feature! and the intercooler is sprayed black. Christian
  6. use some do-luck rims! :aroused: :aroused:
  7. thats cool mate, its just my head on the chopping block if somebody finds out.
  8. oh jesus.... :Oops: going to msn... (but post a price for the other people!)
  9. How much Joc? my pads need replacing soon... but RB74 squeal! and are messy. Christian
  10. thanks mate, and you're welcome. will let you know. Christian
  11. man... this is crazy... i'll see what else i can play with. Christian
  12. B-Man, I can manually add one for you in the Admin CP... now that ones there, do you have the option to change it? Christian
  13. B-Man, In the admin section - i can see the avatar you have put there (same as above), but its not displaying here? thats so strange.. i'll see if its an option somewhere, hang on. Christian
  14. for sale section should be fixed now guys. Christian
  15. some of my stuff on ebay - http://cgi6.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?V...&sort=3&rows=50 i'll be adding more soon.
  16. AUTOTRUST - YOU JUST WON!!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA (oh and yeah - i couldn't be bothered resizing him again).
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