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  1. this is one of the most ridiculous threads i've ever seen.... how about ANY details at all apart from the brand???
  2. unless they have a child like yours!! Guys - congratulations!!! I am seriously happy for you both!! Heres hoping the baby looks like Kel tho.
  3. oh man - such a sweeeeet project!! i wanna drop a 26 into a ceffy.
  4. A bunch of flash games where you can challenge other members at etc.. its not finished yet tho... server takes a beating when its turned on.
  5. dang.. just noticed how old this thread was...
  6. my RSM is set to SP2 if that helps?
  7. it used to have the plates UTEOPIA or something... or maybe that was what it said on the streetmachines cover.. its got some mustang in there too.
  8. Welcome back! now stop stuffing around and get posting!!!
  9. HA HA HA HA .. thats so funny!! (i thought that too when Max Power first started referring to it as ICE) Nick - amen! leave him alone!
  10. My GTR will hit 110+ in 2nd gear. Cameron - I know what you are saying, I have lost 1 point in my years of driving and have never had an accident, but that being said, i wouldn't have minded some sort of car restriction (probably because i couldn't afford much more than my VC commodore! ) for the first few years. Christian
  11. I agree!! A power to weight rating for the first 5 years or something. I've been saying that for years! Christian
  12. ha ha ha ha its RAD!!! where can i buy one?? bugger that, i'll do it to the GTR!
  13. Trader Ratings will be back soon - But Shane, if you go into somebodys profile, you can view post counts in there.
  14. GTRboy- i dont know how i feel about you saying its got chrome mags when they are hubcaps...
  15. upload your pics to the gallery!! Civic or not! AND THATS AN ORDER SOLDIER!
  16. can i ezinter bizoth drizag and shizow?
  17. oh my god.. HA HA HA i dont know whether to laugh or cry!
  18. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...gory=14987&rd=1
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