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  1. Did you do the powder coating? They look great.
  2. Hi and welcome! The R33 looks pretty clean. Its unusual to see a Gtst in the States (at least for me) most of the Skylines seem to be GTRs. Zed looks good, I dig the calipers - are they just the factory brembos?
  3. Welcome Bird! This is gonna be awesome. Two of my fave things: RBs and classic zeds. Can't wait to follow along!
  4. Yes we absolutely can! I can auto lock topics in classifieds older than x days. I'll sort this out this week.
  5. Love it. The car looks awesome! Had one just like it a long time ago. You'll enjoy it. And, welcome!
  6. Hi and welcome to ! If you wish to advertise your business or sell anything you need to check this topic and do whats required; I hope to see you contributing to the site soon!
  7. Welcome to SAU! Is the engine in the Z dead? Wondering what the motivation is for the swap. Why a Barra btw?
  8. I've just installed an update, can you please try again when you get a min ?
  9. Oh and if you want to trade or advertise on these forums, you need to comply with the rules;
  10. I had them in my Stagea. They were brilliant. He was a trove of info that bloke.
  11. Welcome! I'm a sucker for a C34! Are the seats original and just retrimmed? Or from something else?
  12. That looks great! Awesome project!
  13. Welcome Semteks! Do you have a Z31 or just the RB from one?
  14. What are they going on? Just interested, I can't help with the calipers.
  15. Please follow the steps here to be able to post as a business.
  16. Welcome! A stock gts4? Any pics? So cool to see unmolested cars these days.
  17. Welcome to the family! Any pics of your Skylines?
  18. Welcome! Sounds like a great project. Theres more than enough resources on here to help you through it. Any pics of the old girl?
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