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  1. Got a stock series 1 R33 auto, has got 240,000 on the clock, done 3 servies in the last 8 months an havent had one problem since i bought it. Its a non turbo Rb20. just chasing $4000, located in qld, call 0455350618 for more details. Can send pics, I have no pics on the computer.
  2. I own a r33 with an b20e in it, its just crashed and wont run now, I found an rb20det to put in but I have been told that I need to figure out if the distriuter will run on an rb30det head? I have also been told the rb20e olnly has 1 coil for the ignition I think an that I need to change it to a 2 coil. I was just wondering if this was the case an if there was an easier way or anything else I need to change for me to be able to run the rb20det. I know people will say its a waste of time but I honestly don't have the money to uprgrade to an rb25det but I will still have to go through all this crap again, just chasing anything that will help me, thanks
  3. okay so i have decided to do the conversion to a rb25det into my standard r33 1994, the ones with the rb20e (apperently a shit car) i have the money for the conversion an i was just curious as to what i will need to modify/change for it to fit straight in onto the tranny? its a 4 speed auto, im just not too sure if it will bolt straight in?
  4. yeah think i might just do that aye. thanks
  5. i did do research an i got given the wrong information. i was under the impression it had a rb25 in it. thats what im going to do is bolt in a rb25. ive been thinking bout it an i have decided ill do it. thanks for the info
  6. just chasing some info on a RB20E. i recently bought an r33, turns out it has this shit in it. im thinking bout doing a conversion but i have been getting told it will just be a big waste of time. i dont have alot of time. i do need this car now so any info regarding this feel free to comment.
  7. so your saying doing a conversion on mine is gonna be a waste of time.?? i need a car going now so i dont really have the time to sell it an buy a new one after all the money i have spent on doing the roadworthy an getting it registered. all i need is help an some info an i will be fine.
  8. yeah me either?? But there isnt much i can do about it now so im just trying to get rid of it an upgrade. i honestly dont care how much i get for it just as long as it goes
  9. not really f**ked just needs a good service and tune. $250 is fine by me
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