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  1. For future reference, it was the coils. Splitfires went in.
  2. Did the diagnostic, didn't realise how easy it is. Got code 12 AFM and 21 Ignition circuit. So clean the afm and splitfires then?
  3. I get the 3 lights whenever it starts the misfire. I'll do diagnostic check and see what comes up. I've checked the AFM connector, its not that, I'll check the CAS.
  4. Hey guys, my gtt will drop a cylinder after a couple of minutes of driving, but it will run fine for a bit longer when its colder. Sometimes it will switch back to normal for a minute, then go back to missing, its a bit random, but definitely seems to act up more when its hot/engine has warmed up. I get the three engine lights, (slip, tcs, and check engine) which means ignition circuit right? I originally thought it was the o2 sensor, so I just swapped that out with a new oem, idles nice but still eventually starts missing. The coils are still factory. Car has 110,000ks on it, recently had new plugs, 1.1mm gap. I know should gap them to 0.8 but i figured that it wouldn't be the plugs since its more of an intermittent problem than a fouled plug. Boost is only slightly above stock - less than 10psi. Ive done a fair bit of research and I'm pretty sure I need new coils, just seeing if anyone else has had the same problem and can pitch in their thoughts before I drop the money. Thanks
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