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  1. Ladies and Gents, Another Price drop: $800 ONO !!!
  2. I need your technical help here guys. In terms of valves and port sizes, are the RB25DE (R32) the same as RB20DET (R32)? I have the rare RB25DE from a R32 and was wanting to bolt this up to RB30, but was wondering if id be better off bolting the RB20DET head instead of the larger capacity in the RB25 means they are the same? Thanks in advance gents!
  3. I will take another pic, but it is definitely a RB30 as stamped on the block.
  4. Hi Megzz, At this stage not willing to separate, sorry.
  5. Hey Willis, Sorry dont have compression figures or seen it running. I am a bit negotiable although considering how rare R32 RB25DE are I wont move too much at this stage. PMs fixed.. Cheers Pablo
  6. Item: I have 2 Mickey Thompson ET Streets 255/50/16, 50% thread. Great tyre for 1/4 mile runs, have pass tickets to prove performance Location: LIVERPOOL, NSW Item Condition: 50% thread Reason for Selling: Unused Price and Payment Conditions: $250, pick up only
  7. Item: I have a R32 RB25DE (yes this is the rare R32 RB25 non turbo). All the standard R32 RB20DET sensors, cams and ancillaries will bolt straight on. The motor has been in my garage for the last 2 years awaiting the RB30DET conversion which never eventuated. Motor comes with all sensors, wiring loom, starter, PS and AC pumps. I also have the RB30E bottom end including pistons and crank to go along with the conversion. Location: LIVERPOOL, NSW Item Condition: The motor as I was told had travelled 80,000Km and looks of that wear and tear level Reason for Selling: Unfinished project Price and Payment Conditions: $1500, pick up only
  8. jnr32r

    M35 Afm

    Car is 100% standard. I put it down to AFM for a few reasons, diagnosis shows this code, car stalls when plug is connected to AFM but runs on limp mode once disconnected and also works on american AFM which is out of calibration. I will try the cleaning method but i have my doubts. Thanks gents...
  9. jnr32r

    M35 Afm

    Hey Guys, I hate AFMs, they hate me too, ever since my early R32 days i have had nothing but trouble with them. After 6 months of owning the Stagea my first AFM failed, didnt think much of it then and replaced it with a second hand one which came from a Stagea that had 21,000Km on it. 2 months later it blows again. At this stage i thought maybe its got to do with the blocked BOV plate, so i put it back to completely std and bought another second hand one, 2 weeks later it blows too ! What could be causing this to happen, when the cars only mod is a slightly larger exhaust? 2 of the times it blew it happened as I was under full standard boost and 100% throttle. In between the first and second AFM i also bouught one from the US brand new, the part nunber is supposed to be the same however once boost comes on it dumps a shite load of fuel, shudders and blows black smoke. COntacted the supplier and they said they sent me the right one, but i think this is more for a VQ30DE or something like that non-turbo. Any ideas what could caused it to blow AFM after AFM? Cheers
  10. jnr32r

    Reseting Ecu

    Thanks guys... Reason for reset is to clear AFM error, which died after only 2 months. I will post more details about this soon...
  11. jnr32r

    Reseting Ecu

    Hey Guys, I searched but could not conclusively find the answer on how to reset the M35 ECU. Is it just a matter of unpluggin the battery and discharge any stored power? Cheers Pablo
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