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  1. NismoBoi

    Stagea in Hobart

    Yep, that Stagea is a very nice car indeed; I had a look at it and test drove it the week they first got it. It's got satnav, twin sunroofs, a huge cargo area, and yes, it does go, I tried it out going up the Brooker,hehe. With only a couple of mods, it'd scare the pants of a V8 commo. I almost bought it myself, but got the GTS instead.
  2. Speaking of GTRs, A white one came into where i work last saturday, it'd just been brought over from victoria, and still had the Vicroads sticker and everything. I tried to start up a conversation with the guy, but he was a bit of a pr*ck. (sorry if he is on here, but that's the way he came across!) But anyway, the white looks good on R32s,as good as black. It's a refreshing change from all the black ones!
  3. Hey there. I work for Mobil, and was talking to my boss today about getting the higher octane fuel in Tasmania. The biggest hurdle seems to be guaranteeing a reliable supply of it, and also storage. He seems to think that it may be here the end of this year of next year as a replacement for LRP, and they would use the old LRP storage tanks.
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