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  1. if anyone knows if those ftp sites are still up from people at skylinesaustralia then ill just upload them there. Dave
  2. ive got both, if someone has gotta ftp site or something i can upload them both, cant be bothered with those limited downloads sites. Dave
  3. it's not really a big deal drilling into the plastic interior underneath the pillar mount anyway, just get another part from a wrecker first if you're that worried. the greddy pillar mounts are great, shaped for your car and look professional not like the universal crap ones. Dave
  4. do any of you guys have more than 700mb space on your servers? cause a guy i know has the original japanese r33 manual the FULL workshop manual not just the engine section.
  5. hey man, i know it sucks, my car got broken into a few weeks ago, just hate it how people can do such things. do you have insurance? i know it won't cover the time and effort and pain of finding a new car but at least it's a start. Dave
  6. ok, bled again with new fluid and bleeder kit, much easier and better DEFINATELY no air in the lines now, but still pedal feels like crap, goes down heaps before working, at least it does work now i guess. drove the car, is driveable and does stop fine just not that great yet, can reach the floor. Any other ideas anyone?
  7. nah i havent changed anything apart from the pads and fluid, have got some new fluid today and a brake bleeding kit so hopefully that will fix it.
  8. Changed brake pads, tried to bleed brakes using the sequence specified in the manual, back left, back right, front left, front right, pedal goes down to the floor when pushed, seems like heaps of air in the system still. Repeated 3 times, in different sequences, pedal is getting better but not safe enough to drive. QUESTIONS Any tips for non-abs gts25t r33? Do you bleed the nipple on the master cylinder? (non-abs) Anyone else have any problems? This is really annoying me, gonna buy some cheaper fluid tomorrow to try again just to get it going cause i just wasted 1 litre of my good stuff. PS: I've bleed brakes in cars heaps of times, no problems, but not this car before so really don't think its my technique. Don't wanna spend the money taking it to a shop, especially for a easy thing like this. Dave
  9. I have all the nissan fast files if you want it as long as the upload speed is fast enough.
  10. tried to upload but the 300 odd mb said it would take 3 days!
  11. 10 points to predator, yep my friend didn't use a socket set each time and it wasn't all the way in on the plugs. sorry for wasting your time!
  12. ok, a little background info to help you. the car is a 180sx s13 1991. it was manual, converted to automatic - working fine with stock ecu for about 1.5 years. when you plug in the power fc, the car will not start and the fuel pump won't prime or run. we believe it is because the power fc thinks the water temperature sensor is faulty. in the menu it shows that the Water temperature sensor has a voltage or 4.88volts when cold. so i plug in the standard ecu and my consult board, the water temperature sensor is working fine, showing the correct temperature. ok so now the car is heated up with the water temperature around 60degrees. we plug back in the power fc and sure enough still 4.88 volts for the water temperature sensor. obvously the power is not even reading it properly. the power fc shows this voltage as an incorrect voltage, meaning it thinks the sensor is broken, it definately is not. my guesses: -power fc is faulty -power fc is wrong model (there are 3 or 4 models for the s13 alone) -standard ecu was the wrong one for the model and sensor have been changed to match. (the sensors were changed in later models) NOPE looked on fast and websites and it is the right ecu for the car. also checked the model of the power fc out and it is the correct model. we are stumped. also when we plugged in the power fc the first time, even when we pushed the throttle the TPS voltage would not change, the second time it was working fine, which makes me lean towards faulty power fc. this power fc has been bought new ordered from apexi japan.
  13. haha whoops just checked do have s13, s14 and s15 this is what i have, if anyone want it tell me and ill upload it. nissan fast evo4 workshop manual evo6 workshop manual evo7 workshop manual evo8 workshop manual s13 workshop manual s14 workshop manual s15 workshop manual datalogit software 350z workshop manual power fc - powerexcel software heaps of other apexi stuff
  14. its actually on a s13 with sr20det but think it would be similar. the problem is the fuel pump i think, its not priming when you turn the key on, and not running at all. even when you directly wire it into 12volts and it runs still is not starting, my friend seems to think the power fc has to "see" the fuel pump. anyone know the water temp sensor voltage when cold?
  15. can someone please put s14 and s15 on there. thanks guys
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