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  1. Sorry I already ordered my d9r in bronze 17x9.5 +17 all round I hope running stretch doesn't affect my traction to much
  2. If really keen, I can post, it's only an extra 110 roughly
  3. Bumb Okay guys if sold for asking price the wheels will come with tyres on all 4 and toyo r1r semi slicks on the rear and good condition, these tyres are worth good money
  4. May have a potential buyer this Thursday, if they didn't sell I will consider separating if I have 2 buyers ready to take rears and fronts local buyers
  5. http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/445237-xd9-work-emotions/?p=7330518
  6. Hi there For sale I have in close to new condition 4 genuine xd9 work emotion wheels Have been professionally sprayed c63 amg silver Not a single scratch on the wheels let alone rashes or dents or buckles Specs = 5x114 18x9 +30 with Chinese tyres decent tread 18x10 +38 no tyres (have toyo r1r semi slicks if willing to pay extra) The wheels were on skyline r33 and sat very nice and have also been fitted on s15 with no modifications except rolled guards and say perfect. Asking price is $1400 If interested or have any questions please text me on 0428305584 Sam Locations nsw Sydney
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