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  1. there's his problem, if he really wanted a car, he'd drive to neighbouring states
  2. check here: http://www.carsales.com.au/pls/carsales/!c...de=&sort_type=8
  3. they are plenty around guys depends where you looking, Ill have a look and post some ads up
  4. the main thing is its rears, and its not gain from my 180 rears. they are both single pot I might grab the hubs off you if thats cool? If u want to only sell hub, PM me you phone number
  5. i dont mean to offend either, u sounded like a ****. How much you want for your r32 setup up? and what is in this "setup"
  6. yeh ok not interested buying from you. Im no tightass. if i was, i wouldnt be upgradeing brakes
  7. Looking for Calipers, Disks, calliper banjo bolts, masters cyclinder, and all parts which i would need for brake conversion.. I want to get the r33 GTST assembly, will also look at r32, S14/S15 and 300ZX [email protected] 0411178681 Thanks Tom
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