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  1. There are no wiring diagrams for stepping motors. Thanks for reply mate. I guess u r right.
  2. Hi, I got a HKS EVC 4. But its stepping motor broke down, so I found another HKS stepping motor. Mine had 3 pin wiring, and new one has 5 pin wiring. Is there any solution for such set up? Any ideas how can i make work together, an old hks evc boost controller with stepping motor from a newer HKS EVC? Maybe somebody have a wiring diagram for 3pin connector and 5 pin connector? Thanks a lot.
  3. Hello guys! I've got RWD Nissan Skyline ER34 with RB26 in it. It's almost stock except pistons (CP Pistons installed). One of the turbos broke down, I guess they are too old. Now I'm looking for new set of turbos, for example Tomei 8260. But I'm afraid that they're too big for my stock engine. Does anyone have experience in using them with set up close to mine? And what I'll get in the end? Spool at 5000rpm and kind of RB26DE? =))
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