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  1. I'd love to get them but I'm broke atm lol well I don't know if he will want to replace them now since I threatened him with accc he hasn't replied since lol
  2. I've made a complaint with accc and also maybe a dispute on PayPal and on the end of the comments I copied and pasted the accc complaint number lol.i bet this jerk will get away with it. I bet all the perfect please saying yellow jackets are good are running closer to stock boost. They'll be nice for a rude awakening when they want more power and notice they also gained alot of misfire with they upped boost lol
  3. I think I'll just get accc involved. It's such a waste of time getting a new set if they're weak pieces of shit anyway that can't even handle 18psi. No spark blow out at high boost my arse that's false advertisement. So much for satisfaction guaranteed. More like hassle and wasting time and money guaranteed, he can stick the set of coils up his arse
  4. I told him about accc and strongly insisted on a refund and all he replied was, I can only offer an exchange under warranty. This complied with consumer law in Australia. So I guess I'm stuck. Maybe I'll just get a new set of 6 and try sell them and buy splitfires. Such a stuff around. Guys a jerk
  5. had a quick read through that.and to me it would fall under a major problem so i think i should be able to get a refund. he just replied again and said he wont refund them and i mentioned that in his ad they mention no spark blow out at high boost and satisfaction garunteed and throttle response ( which has gone down now after gapping plugs lower)
  6. I'll take it for a drive soon. But as far I know it's above 14k all the time according to the power fc Hand controller. I bought the coil packs November 6th. So that 45 days with PayPal is out the window I guess. Got another reply and he said he will only replace the faulty coils
  7. I responded again saying I much rather a refund and explained the reasons why and that I had spent alot getting it tuned and will have to again etc.see what he says this time. If he doesn't agree I'll look into the PayPal dispute thinh
  8. It was paid using PayPal so that sounds promising. I responded to the guy saying u would prefer a, refund and he just replied I can replace the faulty coils. Cheeky prick lol. I gapped the plugs down to 0.6mm and the misfire improved alot. But it feels like it's lacking a bit down low now. Car only was misfiring under heavy load on 18psi otherwise it was fine. So not sure how I would test the coils. What a pain. I'll have to keep insisting
  9. update on the ebay dude:If it is a faulty coil then it would only be 1. It wouldn't be all 6 at the same time. This alone is an extremely rare occurrence as a lot of care goes into these coils during the manufacturing process. We will need isolate the single faulty coil though so it can be replaced under warranty. Thanks. whats my reply going to be ? should i go for replacements or keep insisting on a refund. to me replacing them is more hassle and seems a waste of time if they're going to keep failing
  10. yeah im just gapping them down for a temporary fix, didnt realise you lose low throttle response though car is already poor on petrol lol lucky to get 300km out of a full a tank . coilpack loom look looks like new from my untrained eyes. coilpacks look very clean i took two of them off earlier, i didnt use dielectric grease though i'll lhave to look into that
  11. before reading replies i figured out how to put the gap back up haha i found my round medallion tool and used that. i checked 2 spark plugs and the gap was 0.75mm ..they were supposed to be 0.9mm. unless im measuring it wrong but i span the medallion around carefully till it stopped moving and its where it landed. i'll do the rest tomorrow so i can see what im doing lol
  12. quick question ,what if you over tap the spark plug and the gaps to small. what do you use to widen the gap without damaging it ?
  13. alright alright lol i'll get a feeler gauge tomorrow. i guess its something i do need to learn for myself
  14. i think my best bet is to email trent and ask for some help if he's got time.im sure all of that stuff would of been checked while tuning ? if i had other coils to try i would do it right now and im 99% positive there would be no misfire. tomorrow i'll be taking out the plugs and ill take it to someone to gap them properly for me and see what happens
  15. i got a reply from the guy on ebay that sold me that coilpacks: The coils are brand new too though. You need to confirm there are no other underlying issues with the car, such as: - Ensure that the coils are mounted and plugged in properly and the rubber boots are seated correctly and the springs are making good contact with the spark plugs. (This is the most common cause for a misfiring coil pack). - Check that the coil wiring loom isn’t old and brittle or faulty. - Check the CAS (Crank Angle Sensor) as it may be faulty. - Check the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) as it may be faulty. - Check the AFM (Air Flow Meter) / MAF (Mass Air Flow) meter as it may be faulty. - Even the ECU settings may affect how the coils operate. Please ensure the ECU you are using does not need to be retuned or reset to accommodate the new coil packs. now i know the coil packs are definitely on properly,wiring loom is good, but not sure on the other things but i would assume that would of been checked over while tuning. So what do i say in reply ?
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