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  1. How much the stock rb25det crankshaft is able to handle power or boost?
  2. G turbo or HKS 1000+ Please give me your experience if any of you done them on your car
  3. Help R32 RB26DETT with PS2000 Hello guys.. im planning to install the ps2000 into my r32 RB26dett engine.. the engine is swapped into a drift car.. which is Cefiro.. So i dont have any MAF.. and planning to run it by VE tune.. So any guides from you guys.. let say from the start.. how to wired the wire into the engine and how to start with base map.. Which base map i should use.. since there are many basemap from the software ecu manager.. Please help me.. Thanks a lot..
  4. Hey hello guys Hello i drive an R32 with RB26DET and planning to learn and get info also tips from this forum Please guide me and help me to learn more bout my skyline.. thanks
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