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  1. Hey guys im having a little issue with my car... Heres a 1 min video of the issue. If anyone has come across something similar, id like to hear about it as i cant find any results anywhere. Cheers guys.
  2. Just looking to see some feedback and opinions on changing from a stock intake to a forward facing style. It seems like a fairly pricey thing to change and would take some labour and adjustments under the hood. It seems very logical to run a forward facing plenum for many reasons. I would like to know what effect you felt it had on your car.
  3. I havent noticed any benefits in the cars ive owned... however, my 650cc motorbike gained alot of power allowing me to reach higher speeds.
  4. Hi all i tried the method of connecting pin 5 to pin 14 by simply unplugging the HICAS ecu, then getting a small wire and bridging those 2 sockets on the plug. To my surprise it actually turned on my ignition and dash as if i had turned my key to 'accesories'. (my key was NOT in the car) I started the car and the power steering was uneffected by this method. Is the pin relating to the power steering solenoid in a different hole?
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