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  1. Hello, Ive just brought a new set of TE37 18X10.5 +15 wheels for my R34 GTR. I have searched through the forum and found bits and pieces around sizes 275/35R18 & 285/30R18 but looking for some definitive answers to whether any rub is present. I have coilovers lowered a bit but nothing to aggressive and looking for a tyre I can use as a weekender / the occasional road trip and also have some track performance. NT01 etc will be too much and was looking towards a Nitto NT05 in 275/35 or AD08 Yoko for 285/30. With a high cost on the AD08's I want to be sure there are no issues. Thanks for the read and appreciate any feedback.
  2. Does anyone know in general and regardless of radiator brand, will a series 2 radiator and shroud fit into a series 1 ? Thanks
  3. Interesting, cores the same but tanks equal an inch taller.
  4. Thanks for your reply, Ive seen that noted on most sites selling the radiators however nothing lists the actual difference between them Couldn't imagine Nissan changing the mounting fixtures or location between series 1 & 2
  5. Bump Surely some knows the difference between them ?
  6. Hi All I have an early R34 GTR, Feb 2000 v-spec Looking to buy a new Koyo radiator, the website would suggest part number HH020879 99-00 but does anyone know the actual difference between this and the later model part number HH023194 00-02 ? If its just the shroud I was looking to purchase another one anyway as mine has been butchered by previous owner and if its all compatible I would use the updated radiator and shroud, of course if the later radiator will not fit due to mounting variation the earlier rad is my only choice. Thanks and look forward to hearing back.