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  1. Hi Guys, Thanks for your replies, much appreciated. I had a look at your thread niZmO-Man, great thread & awesome result. As I have already brought a 35w HC3 conversion kit off flea-bay which will arrive sometime this week, I will put them in & see what the result is ( surely they have got to be better than the OEM crap? ) . If not I'll have to go down the Honda Euro route.( lucky for the missus her Honda is a Civic otherwise she might be flying blind!) Still looking for a fix for the adjusters, tried to glue them with Supa Glue ,looked like a win until I tried to press them onto the shaft & they split again. Time for Bundy & another call out for ideas from fellow GTR addicts. Cheers all Tazzilla
  2. tassie newbie Hi guys, Greetings from chilly Tasmania. I have owned my 89 GTR since 2005 and have regularly visited sau ,which I have always found to be very informative and quite often very amusing! Up until recently my GTR has been a daily driver and has been only lightly modded ( power fc, greddy dumps & front pipe, hi flow cat,Blitz Nur type R cat back exhaust) but the power bug has bitten and it is time to bite the bullet & do the dreaded turbo swap. Having already had the OEM turbos off to do the dumps ect (wish I could of afforded to do the turbos at the same time,, but budget didn't allow) I know what I am up against & will pre purchase several bottles of Bundy to help ease the pain & also ear plugs for my wife so she doesn't have to hear me lose my shit at Nissan engineers. Another job on the job list is to replace the Nissan candles they pass off as headlights with hids for the projector low beams & 4500k halogen globes for the mains.(yes I know they are illegal but I would rather see the mad bastard kamikazi wallabies that live down here, so hopefully I can avoid them before one of them imbeds themselves into my intercooler). When I tried to adjust the main beams I found that the adjusters were not working & when I removed the grey plastic covers I found the bevel gears inside had split (apparently a common problem) I have looked everywhere to find a fix or replacements but no luck, so my question is , does any of the knowledgeable people in sau land have a fix or know where to get replacements from? With many thanks in advance for any advice. Tazzilla