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  1. Hello Can anyone tell me what turbo this ist and what for internals. Compressorhousing Nissan 45V4 Turbinehousing OP6
  2. I have checked it its a 12 row oilcooler. Is it better 10w40 with oilcooler or 10w60 with oilcooler?
  3. I have a oil cooler from d1spec 9 or 12 row but not installed because i heard that the oil pressure drops down.
  4. With the castrol 10w60 supercar the temp gets under full load and hard drive up to 110 degres. How it looks with the 10w40 i read that the motul turbolight is good for the rb engines. But only for normal drive? And whats with the hths in the oil? 10w60 is 5.8mPa and the 10w40 only on 3.7mPa so is that good? I asked this question because i have a stock engine but 340hp with the nistune and run 0.9 bar if that helps.
  5. And no problems with 10w40 no oilcooler? Sporty driving oil temps been ok?
  6. What for outside temps in your area? Here it is on summer max 38 degres.
  7. I drive the car only in spring or summer never at winter. I drive normali in the city or on landroads and mountain and at this point i push it really hard. With the 10w60 i got in the summer over 100 degres. I think the piston rings are good compressiontest is between 11 and 12 bar. Oilpressure with the 10w60 at 90 degres is 2.2 bar at idle speed 1000rpm So that sems to be ok too.
  8. Hy guys I drive an R34 GTT actual i use Castrol 10w60. I hear its better to drive with 10w40 like motuls turbolight. I have no oilcooler installed engine is stock with nistune 340ps. Who drives 10w40 from motul with no oilcooler and how good is it, like oil pressure stability oil temp etc. Thanks greets from Switzerland
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