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  1. Thank you! unfortunately I'm only on my green P's but hopefully someday I'll upgrade to a turbo version! and yeah once experiencing the straight 6 RB I know it will be hard to go back to a 4 cyl for sure haha 😄 Thank you! Here's a pic of my R34 😄
  2. I never thought about the fuel tank, but interestingly I fuelled up to full and the car was very good for two days, but once it got to just above half it started to splutter even harder, that might be it, I'll have to check my tank to see if its full of crap soon, but for now I will clean my AFM, if I can't find whats wrong then eventually yeah I will just have to replace all sensors one by one, let me know if you eventually cure the problem even if its not in the near future!
  3. Hey Robocop, Yeap I'll take a video and upload it to Youtube tonight for you. I've taken my R34 to Just Engine Management in Sydney and they actually told me it was the coil packs, so I replaced it with Splitfires but my car still splutters. I installed the Splitfires and fresh sparkplugs last Friday (26/10)
  4. Hello everyone I'm Emmet, I've always been a Honda fanboy but after experiencing a turn of events I now own a Skyline R34GT, It's the best car I've ever owned and I have so many plans to modify and upgrade my R34. I'm so proud and excited to join the Skyline community! Hope you're all having a good day/evening and I look forward to interacting with all of you soon! - Emmet
  5. Hi Everyone! Recently for the past 3 months I've been struggling with a misfire problem with my RB25 (N/A), at first the car was only running on 5 cylinders so I changed the oil and replaced the coil packs with red jackets and they seemed to have remedied the problem until now. Recently I have replaced the coil packs with Splitfires and all spark plugs have been replaced, whenever I drive maybe after 20 mins my car splutters like crazy and there's black smoke coming from my exhaust, and while the car is spluttering if I press the throttle down like 10% the car will just splutter non stop untill I press down more, when I bought the car it was mechanically A+ as I brought it to my mechanic and it ran perfect for the first few months of ownership. any advice on what to look for? or what might be causing these issues? My R34GT is completely stock other than a cannon exhaust (just the muffler) and the coil packs (Splitfires). Running on Vortex 98. Thank You! - Emmet
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