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  1. I don't want to sound rude but I have already rung them and been asked to send an email which I have done. I know they received it because we had a email conversation but that has now gone cold. I know they are busy and in high demand and I also realise that they build the manifolds to order which means they might not have the measurements off the top of their heads which is why I made this post. If anyone has a rb26/30 forward facing manifold and wouldn't mind taking some measurements please get in touch Regards Karl
  2. Hi, I have already emailed them and been asked to supply photos and measurements (which I have done). I've have had no response since sending them. So i figured if anyone had one that they wouldn't mind measuring I could get the measurements I need and put the order in
  3. Hi, Does anyone have a Sinco t4 twinscroll rb26/30 forward facing manifold that they would be willing to get a few measurements for me? I running a rb26 in a datsun 240z and I'm trying to establish whether the manifold will fit off the shelf rather than a full custom one. I'm looking for the following measurements: head to widest part of the manifold (and roughly what exhaust port it lines up with) Rough depth of the manifold (and roughly what cylinder the lowest point lines up with) head to centre of turbo flange (and roughly what cylinder it lines up with) Cheers Karl
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