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  1. I’m hoping that it’s just the track and tyres... We only have Santa pod over here that is prepped so I’m aiming to get there this year! I thought that 120 should have got me close!
  2. Don’t know if the power is there but the surface / driver is limiting!
  3. Thanks guys - nothing too crazy just now bit will hopefully get on to the performance videos soon when our garages open again. Another one tonight Bit more welding time lapse and made some radiator clamps that fit!
  4. still going ok under there - will be done next weekend then on to the next thing!
  5. Easier mod but adding the essential cup holder two weeks ago..
  6. The welding clips of the repair are in the video - hopefully the other side is as good this weekend
  7. Hi all, Been an r32 owner for 6 years now and finally commited to starting a channel to document the work! Just went under the car to have a look at the sills after 6 years in the UK - don’t know if you guys have the same issues over in Aus! Hopefully makes an interesting watch and not too much welding thankfully!
  8. if anyone is interested in following the progress I have started a YouTube. Hopefully will include plenty Australian inspired mods!
  9. Yes that’s Crail in the bottom pic! Much smaller skyline scene up here but there are a few good ones around! Another couple of the cars, I will start a build thread for a bit more detail...
  10. Finally became a member of this forum after years of knowing about it. Just recently returned from my first Australia trip, cannot believe how into skylines you guys are, seeing them out on the road was amazing! I have owned a 1992 GTR for four years now, my absolute dream car. Imported it completely standard and have been making slow changes as we go! I will post updates of my car and some of my dads anglia Sr20 as changes happen! Thank you!
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