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  1. Thanks, will look at those too.
  2. Thanks to everyone, appreciate the opinions. will look into the xtreme range, nismo would be great, but funds don’t quite stretch that far...... again thanks.
  3. It is very subjective, the current clutch has not take up point, has anyone installed one of the mantic stage 1 clutches?
  4. Would like some suggestion as to the best clutch for a modest 220rwk r33 gtst. Want a clutch with a positive take up, whatever is in it at the moment has no feel at all. Car is mostly a weekender. regards
  5. No worries, thanks. I’ll look at the Melbourne area.
  6. Hi, can anyone recommend a good tuner in the Geelong region please? Thanks
  7. Hi all, would like to know if anyone else out there has an r33 with an R clockspring with a yellow plug? l have, and cannot find one. A reputable jap wrecker tells me it doesn’t exist! Thanks in advance
  8. Had the paint mixed, matches the car, however is brighter, totally different! any other clues??
  9. Hi, would like to know if the engine bay paint code is the same as the body code, kl0, without the clear???? it is alot flatter. many thanks
  10. Not this 16 yo, he worships these, he has wanted one since he first saw Tokyo drift. Been saving for a long time, he’s paying most of it
  11. Hi all, l am looking at buying a skyline for my 16 year old son. We have been looking at r33’s predominately gtst’s. With a few drives under our belt and a budget of 8k we are worried that most around this price will either have the dreaded paint fade with a few other exterior issues or lots of kms on the clock or both. l am not too concerned about high kms if the car looks ok and runs well. This has not been the case so far, high kms and crap paint. the question l have is, would it be a better alternative to buy a gts4 with 160,000kms ish but very clean and convert to turbo once my son has his full licence? We have loved the test driving experience so far in gtst’s, is the na going to be that bad????? regards shaun
  12. Hi, thanks. will check it out. regards shaun
  13. Hi guys, currently in the market for an r33 gtst, have found a car which has a filter breather fitted in the rubber hose which goes across the front of the valve cover. Is this representative of an issue? picture attached Any feedback welcome. regards
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