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  1. herro r34 gtt had the car for a year running like a dream. then nek minute, it runs like a three legged dog so at 4000 - 4200 rpm and only then and onward it misfires but up to then it runs perfect .. it has brand new coils and plugs tried another m.a.f only thing done too the snot box is a gfb electronic boots controller set to 10 psi max disconnected it put it back on the duel stage solenoid. same thing happens but only will produce 5 psi max .. feels very slow .. v dub beetle would kick its arse haha thoughts are boost sensor or c.a.s. but have wizzed the multimeter on getting correct readings. engine light is not on like i say been running perfect with no mods for this to happen see if anyone has some thoughts cheers
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