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  1. MAP Sensor is still connected. Thought I'll give a quick update incase others have a similar problem, had a mate look over it. Throttle body was pretty gunked up, but also started throwing an engine light for the TPS being shot. Gave the TB a little clean and it helped a bit, car would launch fine from a complete stop but then come an hour or so later it may stall or hesitate, then go back to normal. So the issue became intermittent instead of a 100% Tried clearing the code but it came back. So at this stage, looks like the TPS and gunky Throttle body could be the problem. I've yet to replace the sensor so I can't say just yet.
  2. You're probably right, I'll try hook a laptop up and see what shows up! Thanks man
  3. Hi SAU, As the title suggests, I'm having a weird issue with my 1998 Skyline R34 GTT Auto. Essentially the car will stall out on me when I accelerate maybe past ~10% throttle at a launch or even turning around a carpark at very slow speeds etc, leading to some semi awkward moments. Car will drive and accelerate fine once it's rolling at say 15km already, I can flat foot it and it'll boost and zoom at full power. Doesn't matter if I'm in Tip-Tronic or leaving the car in "D". Mods currently on the car that are related: GTX3076R Gen I Turbo TurboSmart Kompact plumback 450LPH Fuel pump Nistune 3" Catback with stock down pipe and cat. Initially the car had a 100% atmosphere BOV which cased stalling/lugging once coming off boost, took the car to PZP and they sorted out that issue by chucking the TurboSmart BOV on there and re-tuned, currently at 316WHP. I've only had the car for a short period so I'm not sure if the plugs/coils or fuel filter have been changed recently, but I'd like to think they would of shown issues during the dyno tune. I'm new to the RB game and their quirks, anyone have any ideas or possible suggestions? I was going to swap out the filter this weekend and see what happens, but I doubt it's that as the car runs fine once at speed.. Thanks heaps! really appreciate it
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