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  1. ok thanks @GTSBoy thats an answer i can use 🙂 sry maybe its causey english isnt perfect maybe i misunderstood Our last posts regarding the driveshaft. so i check if i have the r200 diff as soon as possible At the moment im busy cause my car lift is used for a s14 from a friend of mine that i have to repair alot of rust damage + some power mods (sr20det). and at the same time i rebuild a vq35de for my 350Z that has a spun ros bearing and theres also an wrx engine waiting for rebuild and some customer cars waiting for service thats why i cant work on the skyline at the moment - thats why i cant just put in the engine/trans and check myself if something fits at the moment cause i need my car lift daily.. thats why im asking here so in the best case i can buy all the parts i need before i begin the engine/trans swap to make the swap as fast as possible. Thanks for your Answer 🙂 Regards Flo
  2. WOW that was a really helpful answer thanks why im asking here on the forum if i can find it out myself by just put in the engine and trans i must be really stupid... maybe i dont want to buy parts i cant use.. or maybe i ask here in hope someone knows the answer to my question? maybe you can buy a skyline with the same engine and find it out for me that would be helpful for me but useless for you just like your answer 🙂 sry but i cant stand answers like yours its the same in every forum... why isnt it possible that only people write in topics when they have helpful Information?
  3. yes but i dont know yet if the r33 gtst driveshaft will fit without modification thats what i dont know yet? if i use rb25det and rb25det manual transmission will the oem r33 driveshaft fit straight in with my current differential thats what i have to figure out cause i can buy a oem driveshaft from the r33 gtst - i found a guy that sells it on Austria. Regards
  4. Thanks alot for your answers 🙂 yes its definitely sure that i make a manual conversion i picked up the rb25det s1 engine, a rb25det manual transmission and also complete wiring. that i will end up changing diff and everything else needed is for sure but at the moment it would be nice if it works out with the stock diff until i find a good uses gtst diff in europe to change. sadly i have to search parts part by part that will cost some time and its hard to find parts here in Austria/Germany (: im glad that i already have the engine trans and wiring and ecu ^^ so if i understand it correctly can i fit the r33 gtst driveshsft into my car eith the rb25det manual trans and the actual diff or do i have to modify the driveshaft. if so i dont know if i can fit the engine until i have all gtst parts cos i dont know any shop that modifies driveshafts here in Austria indondt even heard that such a company is existing here ^^ for the manual trans swap i need tk know what i need. i have the trans and slave cylinder i need the master cylinder and the pedal for clutch and brake from a manual car - anything else for the trans swap itself? thanks alot for your help 🙂 regards Flo
  5. Hello, ma name is Flo and im from Austria. i recently bought an R33 S2 sadly with tue RB20e and auto trans. But im planing to swap the engine with an RB25Det - i started an topic in the Forced Induction Forum for this Conversion to RB25Det and Transmission Swap (i already have the engine and the transmission and the wiring harness from a r33 gtst s1) would be great if someone can help me with finding the information i need 🙂 Regards, Flo
  6. Hello, my name is Flo and im from Austria (Europe) I just bought a Skyline R33 sadly with the RB20e and Automatic Trans ^^ Its from 1996 and is a Series 2 R33 The Car itself is in really good condition and has no rust at all 🙂 i traded my car for this R33 so it was a deal i had to do and there are very few skylines avaiable in Austria and they are also really expensive and if we import a skyline from another country in the EU or even from Japan it would cost even more due to the expensive costs to register the car (a few thousand € just for the registration itself...) So please no comments to sell the car and buy a Gtst cause thats really no Option due to the costs.. i already owned a r33 gtst a few years ago sadly i sold it that was a big mistake past then... So i already managed to get an RB25DET S1 Engine including Harness and also a RB25DET Manual Transmission for a good price. But i really cant find much information about the other Parts i need. Does anybody knew if i need the Gtst Diff and Axels or will it work with the actual Differential axle? what i think i really need is the r33 gtst driveshaft/propshaft but can it he linked to my current diff? and about the Transmission Swap what would i need to do this? i was thinking about the pedals from a manual car and also the master/sleeve and the lines to the transmission but is there anything else needed? does anybody know if i can use the current speedometer or do i need the speedo from the manual car? sry for asking that much but i really cant find the information i need 🙂 im happy for every information that brings me further to my goal 🙂 Thanks alot!!! Regards Flo
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