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  1. There are plans for it, at the moment I just want to get it back on the road, only have access to RB25DE to put in it for now, unfortunately it did ringlands on 3 and 4 and then was hit on the street
  2. Hi, series 1 r33 GTST nothing special been done to it, currently has no motor in it but hoping to learn a bit on here
  3. Hi guys, hope I’m not out of place by my first post on here being asking for help but I live pretty rural and don’t have a whole lot of rb enthusiasts to ask and google seems like a rabbit hole on the topic, with that being said, here goes s1 r33 GTST started running rough and blowing smoke, did all the normal checks, ended up doing compression test and found cyl 3 and 4 at 65psi pulled motor out, tore down and found broken ringlands and deep grooves on bores as I said I’m rural and machine work is not an option......... BUT..... a mate offered me a low km RB25DE. so what my question is, if I use the det cold and hot sides on the de block and head, will it be safe?? plan on running factory boost (7psi I think) yes I know about the higher compression and lack of oil squirters under pistons, having to swap oil and water lines for turbo. I just want to know if this will work, as the screen name suggests it’s the missus car and she doesn’t flog it, I just need to get it back on the road for now until I can get any help or info appreciated
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