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  1. Ok. Thanks! New to this forum stuff.[emoji106]
  2. Excellent. Thank you. As I get more into this thing, I'll have the ecu to compliment the rest of the parts. This is stick for now. Just a 3 inch exhaust and hks filters. Nothing crazy
  3. So the companies I have been working with, the supplier and the merchant, are both fantastic groups. They have been helpful the entire time. The custom harness came from the merchant and they are absolutely understanding. The ecu is bring paid for. No hard feelings. It was an honest mistake and we're good there. The supplier said that the R35 coils are going to work but I will not get the full effect from them without the adjustment, and I understand that. For now, I only have a stock ecu. Future plans certainly have a need for these as I will be building up this winter. My budget is far more forgiving if I do it a little at a time. ie. the woman isn't as surprised at the cost when it is drawn out over time I went this route simply because the stock coil harness was crumbling and since I was going to upgrade anyway, now is a good time. It is better this way anyway. I couldn't imagine if this harness ruined a new Haltech! Thank you for all the help and suggestions!
  4. Hello mods! I was hoping you would place my post in the correct category. My last post "Extreme misfire R35 coil upgrade..." should probably be in "Forced induction performance." I appreciate the help.
  5. I did exactly that. Checked grounds and started to trace wires. But before I go too far into that, the ecu was right there. Easy work first. And this is what I found! Can anyone identify the board?
  6. I just noticed I put this in the wrong category. My appologies. I didn't. By the way, this is an R32 GTR almost all stock. Only the HKS filters and 3 inch exhaust. Stock ecu. So no adjustments possible. And I reached out to the company and they said it should be fine. But that also would not explain why it still does it on the stock coils and ignitor.
  7. Please hear me out: I ordered an R35 coil and bracket kit along with a custom harness. I'd like to keep the companies nameless for now (coils and bracket kit was separate from the custom coil harness). I installed the kit following the instructions to the last letter. When I tried to start it, there was no spark. A little searching and found a simple mistake. The custom harness had the three wire plug with the power and ground wires switched. I flipped them and I then had spark. HOWEVER it ran like garbage. Hesitated to start, idle was rough, and it died as soon as I applied any but of the clutch. It acted as if it were rich. The brand new plugs were fouled. I added a picture of one of the. That is with less than 3 minutes of running. I contacted the company and they sent me a replacement harness but it still ran like garbage. I then checked that I had proper connection with the plugs and new coils. The spring in the custom stalks were the correct length and as the plug was pushed in, the spring moved. The resistors are also in place and making contact. Both of the other connectors were secure along with the ground. Even replaced the R35 coils with another set of brand new ones. I pulled the kit and put the OEM ignition back in. It started up no problem. But it wasn't until tonight that I tried to drive it. It now acts the same as it did with the R35 coil kit. I couldn't even drive it out of the garage without it falling flat on its face. Smokes like it's rich, new plugs again fouled and now won't start. It spits and sputters but dies right away. When I started this whole thing, it was fine! No problems. It has been on 2 long trips with in the past 2 months. I only went this route as the clips were brittle and decided to upgrade. I do not understand what happened! Ignition timing was not changed either. I also switched out an known good ignitor and still no change. Is there a chance the power/ground wires switched in that harness messed with the ecu? Help! I'm pissed!
  8. Nope. It's all the way in gear at a dead stop. Letting the clutch out like a normal human being and it'll grind. A little more aggressive and it doesn't. My theory/understanding is that the plates engaging slowly and separately causes them to rotate at different speed. That's the grinding. That is until they are fully engaged together. Either way, drive it like you mean it. [emoji38]
  9. Ok. Thanks. I assumed it was normal. Just wanted to make sure. Thank you
  10. I have my first twin plate clutch and it came with the R32. It is an OS Giken. I have a couple questions. While I have the clutch in, there is some plate noise. It's not terrible, but noticable. It is gone as soon as the clutch starts to engage (in gear or in neutral.) And it is not the throw out bearing. Is this normal? Second, while starting from a full stop, occasionally I get a grinding. Best guess is coming from the trans/diff/clutch area. It is different from gear grind. It does not happen between shifts or in reverse. If it happens, it does while letting the clutch out. It stops when the clutch is fully engaged and only while in gear. And I can't get it to happen every time. If I'm a bit more aggressive on take off, it doesn't ever happen. Any thoughts?
  11. SM514

    New guy

    They have been more popular over here in the past 4 years. Our federal regulations kept us from getting these cars until they are at least 25 years old. So there may be more of us jumping in here. All three of those cars are street legal. I've had the black one on a couple of road courses over the years. But now it is in the shop for body work. I'd like to preserve it for the next 20 years. I'm converting it to look like a 180 type x. I do have a track only car as well. It is an older Honda Civic. I wouldn't be terribly upset if I wreck that over any of the Nissans.
  12. SM514

    New guy

    My black S13, original vert, and R32 at an autox 2 weeks into owning it!
  13. Hello all! I've been reading threads on here for a few years. I rebuilt my RB25 and picked up a lot of info from here. So, thanks! Now that I just bought an R32 GTR and will be visiting a lot more. Most likely hanging out just reading posts again. This is currently my 3rd Nissan. I have an all original convertible S13 and a black hatch S13 that I've owned for 20 years now. That had the RB25. Now it is getting an R33 RB26. AND I'll get this out of the way right now.... I'm in the US! I really respect this page. Great help and a lot of good info. Thanks again!
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