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  1. Just a pic taken with s10 plus lol
  2. Striker35

    Need beats

    No so I can plug my phone into the stereo
  3. Striker35

    Need beats

    Hi all is there a way of installing headphone jack I to standard m35 radio? Cheers
  4. Ah ok. Hey is there a thread on replacing the hidden back DVD Rom with a single din headunits?
  5. Awesome thanks . I'm new to this page didn't realise I posted this more then once lol naughty waters had the better of me
  6. Striker35


    Cheers that is probably what it is.... Found the small auto button makes the mirrors point down when it's in reverse .
  7. Striker35


    Hi all just wondering you anyone knows what the 2 left buttons do? 02 stag cheers
  8. G'day just bought a stag what would these buttons do? I know the headlight up and down but the left ones ?? So confused
  9. Sup crew im a newbie just bought an m35 stag in molesterd stock as a rock any pointers here about them pros and cons.... biggest con being the bloody radio doesn't work. Also intake hot and cold side cracked piping (no leaks tho will replace with some stainless through work) Maybe I can remove the DVD Rom and whack a Bluetooth unit in the hidden glove box? Cheerzzzz
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