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  1. ok ! i'll buy standalone Haltech Platinum Pro Plugin If I use it, what do I need for it to work, or simply plug and tune? Do I need to change some sensors or other accessories? thank all
  2. thank you for all your help. i no nothing about it so i asked the seller how to use it . and than i'm bought it. as you sad it is really hard. are there any other way to use it with my Engine ? Greatful
  3. hi all I am practicing engine assembly , i have a RB20DET R32 gtst . Last time I bought an ApexiFC RB26DETT set. because the seller told me it will also run for RB20DET, My engine is original, when I replace the APEXI ECU my engine doesn't run. What do I need to do to Apexi RB26DETT can operate on my engine? and how to connect to a PC to change maps? In my country ( VIETNAM ) no one can use things like standalone or tune a new map.Hope everyone can help me in the most detailed way. Regards
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