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  1. Awesome thanks man! I couldn’t manage to find those part numbers myself so cheers.
  2. Hi guys, I’m trying to source a y pipe from a VQ35HR equipped car as the y pipe will fit my 350GT coupe, and offer some gains. The difficult part is finding an HR y pipe, so I’m looking at 250GTs for parts, does anyone know or have any images of the y pipe from a 250GT aka vq25hr. I imagine they are most likely the same exhaust but the vq25 exhaust may be smaller? Please help!
  3. Oh yup my car can be flashed and they do offer tunes for this car, getting a tune shouldn’t be a problem just the cost! I have enquired to confirm with the tuners.
  4. Yeah I’m thinking I’ll just go single exit with a resonator and a muffler, don’t want it to be stupid loud and drone, idm the raspy-ness just going for power Not sure, going to hit up a tuner in my area when the time comes. I asked one shop when I had a v36 350Gt sedan and they quoted $1200 for a tune expecting only 10-15hp!!....
  5. Hey guys, just curious about peoples custom exhaust setups for their VQ35DE cars, specifically G35 Coupe. Due to the cost of importing and extreme lack of used aftermarket exhausts, my options are very slim. After doing a few bolt on mods (Plenum spacer, intake, megan test pipes) I will get a tune. I have not decided if I will bother with headers, but I know after my test pipes I will be needing something better than stock. I know a good exhaust shop that I will get to custom make me one. I will be going with (after tps) HR y pipe, 2.5 inch midpipe with varex muffler for adjustable sound, then continue 2.5 till exit. I know it will be very loud with the varex muffler in open position, which is what i want, but will it be quiet enough with it closed? Or should I add a resonator after the mid muffler? cheers.
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