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  1. I live up north so have to get it brought up from Perth. I was actually re thinking my turbo choice as it already as the old gt35 and id only have to get a gen 2 super core and use my old rear housing. It would be a pretty painless upgrade. I only drive the car once every couple of weeks
  2. Steve85 I'll put some pics up after I finish the next lot of upgrades. PranK I had another post in the rb section with my build and what I'm doing next
  3. Hi Im just in the process of ordering all the parts to wind up my skyline in to the 600-700 rwhp and am having trouble deciding on what injectors to use Currently its around 400 rwhp, link g4+ engine is forged rb30/25, balanced crank. s2 ported head 272 cams, gt3540 turbo 0.93 rear housing plus all the usual stuff and running on 98. fuel pump and lines are all ready set up for e85. So next i was planning on upgrading the crank trigger, change turbo to borgwarner efr 8374. going to e85 on a fuel flex system but cannot decide on what injectors? where i live e85 is hard to come by so will still run on 98 alot. Thanks
  4. Hi i have just joined up as my 400hp is starting to feel a bit sluggish and its time to take it higher so here is good place to start
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