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  1. Hi guys, needs some info info on the 2 connectors pictured. There the 2 connectors on the r34 that sit behind coolant expansion tank and connect the chassis loom into the engine loom ideally looking for a pinout or wiring diagram for theses I’ve had a quick look through the FSM and couldn’t see anything Only thing I do know is the 2 larger wires are for the abs power
  2. Yes I was aware of the clutch differences and everyone saying 34 is a pain haha I have already actually bought a clutch clutch kit for the 33 box so if I buy the 34 box I will do the pull to push conversion and can still use that
  3. yeah it made more sense that i should use 26 ECU and loom rather then trying to mod everything to work yes will be doing a manual conversion at the same time just deciding if i should buy a used 33 box or buy a brand new 34 box, engine will remain fairly standard to begin with but next year a full nit 2.8 build is on the cards Been looking at 26 looms seems this will be my best bet otherwise its £1500 for new 26 loom that i will chop up a bit https://www.wiringspecialties.com/unrbwihatupr.html
  4. Hello from uk I have a few questions regarding doing a RB26 RWD conversion into my r34 4 door NA auto and i believe some of you will be able to assist 1st off, I know this conversion is more popular with you lot down under but I've been told that i should use my existing RB25DE loom and use a link GTT ECU and mod the loom to fit the engine , However i have spoken to few people who have done the conversion and they have all swapped to RB26 looms and ECU's its bit confusing as i know parts of the engine loom on the 34 run the ABS and aircon and the speedo/RPM runs different ? so trying to get a bit more info on what route i should go down 2nd , can some one confirm that the 4 door and 2 door props are the same ? looking at part numbers they are and i believe when doing my conversion using either a 33 or 34 GTST box i just need a front prop section from a 33 or 34 and not a custom one? Any info you can give me will be gratefully appriecated cheers Dave
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