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  1. Hey guys hopefully I'm kinda in the right forum... Has anyone resurfaced their cylinder and or block themselves? Like with sandpaper and on a sheet of glass? And a straight edge and feeler gauges? Considering rebuilding a rb20det if got sitting in the garage
  2. Hey guys hopefully I posted in the right place, I'm looking for a strut brace for my a31 cef and my question is I know that S13 ones fit but my question is does a32 or a33 braces fit because I can get one for half the price as the S13 ones
  3. Yeah it's the second time I've broken the belt in like 6 months and it was a gates belt which I'd imagine would last longer than that, when I turn the pulley by hand I can see it wobble Good to hear it's an easy fix cheers mate
  4. Hey hope this is is the right section Has anyone rebuilt their power steering pump or at least replaced the pulley because mine has a misalignment and just shreded up my belt Any help appreciated cheers
  5. Yeah the only reason I post questions on these forums is because Ive googled it and looked up shit but I still can't find exactly the answers im after but I'll keep looking
  6. Hey guys I'm doing a plus t on my rb25de cefiro and I was hoping someone had a clear picture of where the factory water locations "would" be on the block for the water feed and drain I know where the oil feed and drain locations are but I'm not 100% on the water
  7. Hey what are the standard size of the breathers or an rb25 rocker cover brought a 12AN fitting but it was way to big any help appreciated
  8. Who on here is running a water feed on their turbo? I know water is just really to help with cooling and shut-off but who has gone through the trouble of doing it
  9. Had only just wondered so didn't have time to google it and I wouldn't be buying second had if that's what you mean
  10. Hmm okay I'm not Looking for.big power gains I'm going plus t and just want reliability instead of just running 20 year old 25de injectors, on a side note would GTR injectors work in a series 1 rb25 with a factory fuel rail
  11. sorry if this has already been done Aftermarket injectors for a 25det.. What are you guys running? Where'd you get them from and how much were they? Will be running them on the factory fuel rail and the standard intake manifold Just Want ones that are reliable and well priced
  12. Just curious on where this ecu came off of, attached are a photo of the serial number on the cover and a photo on the nistune chip that is in it
  13. I'm doing the job on a rb25 de cefiro and I brought the nistune off a guy who had it in a 25det Silvia, if the nistune is wrong for.the job can I remap the original ecu (25de) that's in the car to be able to run a turbo
  14. I'm doing a plus t on a series 1 rb25de Ives brought a nistune with 25det basemap already but I was curious if I can remap my original non turbo ecu to work with a turbo
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