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  1. Thanks heaps. I will have a further discussion with my mechanic and go from there.?
  2. Thanks for that. It is doing it after warming up which is throwing me. could a wheel bearing cause this. I remember left rear bearing / hub years ago was a bit noisy but then stopped.
  3. Ok I have a “messing with my head” problem! Recently re-registered my 32gtr after a few years. Changed all fluids and replaced engine and gearbox mounts. Really don’t know how long passenger mount was broken for. I now feel a vibration in the seat when hitting 0.3 bar boost and get worse as boost build / power increases. Now this problem only happens when the car is warm/hot. I.e after brief warm up it will drive for 10 or so minutes beautifully under boost / strong acceleration. Then after a while vibrates under boost. - I have run in rwd by removing the fuse and problem is still there. - recently had new tyres balance and alignment which was fine. Same mechanic inspected centre bearing and said looks fine. Mechanic also couldn’t feel the problem as does not start to happen until after driving for a while. -engine and steering are smooth. Engine knock always low under 30. vibration is not speed sensitive as all speeds highway etc are smooth under 0.3 bar. The problem feels like it’s coming from / sending vibration to rear left. I see my rear turbo is leaking. there is no bearing / turbo whine. However under high boost 1 bar I can hear a fast fluttering sound. Ideas?? Could a bad turbo cause a vibration felt in the seat? Any help is much appreciated.
  4. Hi Exploring a couple of leaks on my r32 gtr. Can anyone tell me what the hard pipe and rubber hose line are for? located drivers side near intercooler pipe. does it oook like the rubber hose is not on the hard line properly (the rubber should be over the hard line bead?) there’s a bunch of oil mist around These lines. thanks in advance
  5. Hi lookong to buy a set of standard R34 GTR turbo dump pipes if anyone has any for sale. i am assuming supply of these might have dried up over the years? please pm if you have anything of interest. ?
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