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  1. Unfortunately don't have the time in the day to visit them and they don't have a number otherwise I would
  2. Thanks for the help I am bad at looking on forums lmao. 1k for a cracked manifold seems a bit much lmao
  3. I have heard about those being a good way to go just finding one would be a challenge.
  4. He's not my first choice but my first choice hasn't gotten back to me for a long time and they've made 3 Facebook posts saying "want work done?" Which just hurts more lmao
  5. I have read that everywhere but when I said I had seen people making towards 500hp with them the tuner I want go go with outright just said "No you haven't" so it seems with his experience that I just won't make that power at all even with a gt35 and e85 which is why im looking for something like what was mentioned above
  6. Hi all, After reading a lot of people making 400+Hp with the stock exhaust manifold, I was told by my tuner that he's never seen rbs with the stock exhaust manifolds go over 350hp no matter the turbo. Ive bought all the supporting mods I need to archieve 400hp but if I'm just limited by that then I'm happy to put a little more money in to get myself up to that power mark. So I'm on the hunt for a low mount manifold that I can at least use with my stock intake as I don't want to be spending a whole lot more on this build as I want to finish it this year. Is there anything out there I can use with the stock intake with minimal modification? TIA
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